Best Sports Betting Sites in the USA in October 2021

It’s hard not to link the US to the very best bookies out there. If you’ve ever wondered where you could find the best online betting sites USA, we can tell you you’re in the right place!

In this guide we will present several important topics for those who want to know more about the Sports Betting in the US industry.

Read on, and you’ll be presented with good and bad of the best online sports betting USA available.

best sports betting sites in the usa

List of bookmakers in the USA

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The US sports betting – The ultimate guide


You’ll find out the best online betting sites USA, along with being offered some tips and even shortcuts to some unforeseen situations that could endanger your betting experience.

With a different sports system than the traditional European one, the American way presents us with a different perspective of sports businesses. It is common to see residents in the US spend countless hours of their days in an attempt to have fun wagering in online betting sites USA. Get to know how you can get the most out of the best online sports betting USA in this article. Everything you need to know about top US bookmakers, in one place!

Mobile apps of the best bookmakers in the US

Mobile apps of the best bookmakers

Although the US is known worldwide for its Las Vegas-based casinos, a quick look at some official data can imply that it’s an old idea that the US is merely the casino land.

In fact, online sports betting is also immense on Uncle Sam’s soil, and nearly 80% of Americans have had some involvement with gambling throughout their lifetime.

Obviously, this massive data had a considerable boost with the advent of the internet, as it made possible for virtually every American to have the chance to lay their wagers online these days.

Mobile apps are obviously part of the equation, as they have been playing an important role when it comes to facilitating our gambling lives. High-end bookies will always offer them to its players, and we’ll highlight some of the best ones in the upcoming lines:

  1. 1xBet
  2. 22bet
  3. Melbet
  4. Intertops

We can say that English-speaking countries in general are blessed when it comes to modern innovation in the online gambling niche, as usually, most of the new features are launched first-hand there before going abroad.


? Are bets safe on US bookmaker sites?

Yes, bets are extremely safe with US bookies. When using one of the best online sports betting USA, you can be sure that your bets are always insured against any sudden losses which aren’t the result of losing a bet.

? Are bookmakers from the USA available in the Philippines?

Some of them are, while others might not be. Please check our list at the top of this page to make sure.

? Is it difficult to register on US betting sites?

No, it is as simple as registering to any other normal website or social media these days.

? What types of bets are available on the websites of US bookmakers?

It will mostly depend on the bookie you picked but essentially, you’ll have options from single bets to ACCAs.

? Can I get a bonus when registering on US betting sites?

Yes, absolutely! As previously mentioned in the text, sign up bonuses are very common on US betting sites.

How to choose Best Sportsbook in the USA

  1. Read reviews

    Before you begin betting, we highly recommend you to check reviews (including the ones on this website), as they usually contain the absolute best online betting sites USA available for the Philippines at the moment.

    read reviews
  2. Trial and Error

    It’s possible that when you try to access some bookie from a US mobile or desktop, you’ll have no success whatsoever due to country restrictions. This happens due to recent American policies and bills that made it difficult for some bookmakers to keep operating within the country. Some are still running with no problems, so I recommend starting with trial and error to check whether your favorite sportsbooks are available or not.

    do your research
  3. Get best odds

    One of the key factors is the range of odds provided by each bookmaker. Since every betting site has its own betting margin, it’s always smart to check possible alternatives.

    get the best odds
  4. Look for bonuses

    Many bookmakers offer to their customers either

    check offers

The best bonuses from popular US bookmakers

The best online sports betting USA are known for its generous bonuses that are offered to both current and loyal players and new ones.

If you’re into soccer – or football as it’s known in Europe – , you’ll probably be offered free-bets for UEFA Champions League key games, and even for MLS matches. The same applies for other popular sports such as basketball through the NBA and other ones. These sports often accept live wagering.

Sign-up bonuses are very common too, and these ones are granted by perhaps most of the available bookies in the US along with increased odds.

Although bonuses are basically free money that’s being handed over from the sportsbook to you, it is always important to keep an eye on the T&C from the aimed offer.

The bookies we recommend in this review are:

  1. 1
    Deposit 5600 PHP and get another 5600 PHP free!
  2. 2
  3. 3
    100% UP TO 7500 PHP
  4. 4
    100% up to €125

Top 5 bookmakers with free bets

As mentioned above, free bets are absolutely something that loads of punters look for these days. They make bettors’ lives so much easier and everyone loves them, as they usually don’t take much effort to get.

While circumstances will vary from each and every sportsbook, we picked the top 5 best online betting sites in USA when it comes to free bets.

  • 1xbet
  • Melbet
  • GGbet
  • Bovada
  • Intertops

Free Bets Available for Many Sports

Deposit 5600 PHP and get another 5600 PHP free!

Regular promos are very common when Melbet gets to the table. Focusing on free bets, gamblers are often satisfied by the regular promos offered by the sportsbook.

featured bookmaker melbet

1 ratings, average 5 out of 5

Best Free Bets & offers in Philippines hungary

  • Melbet

    BET 600 PHP, GET A FREE BET 1600 PHP!

    Welcome bonus

    Get bonus

  • 22bet

    100% UP TO 7500 PHP

    Welcome bonus

    Get bonus

  • 1xbet


    Welcome bonus

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