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eSports stirs the passion of teens and young adults for electronic games, and with their growing popularity, it didn't take long before they caught the attention of online bookmakers.

In today's article, we'll examine everything you should know concerning esports betting philippines, including the best platforms for you to bet on, as well as tournament tips and betting strategies.

Full list of esports betting sites

Found: 9 Bookmakers

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A brief history of esports betting

history of esport betting

eSports are computer or console games involving teams of professional players. However, it is necessary to understand that not every game is considered an eSport. For this, there must be tournaments in which two teams, or two players, can face each other.

It is not known for sure when online esports betting started, but nowadays it is quite popular. It is even possible to find bookmakers specializing in this type of sport, offering videos with tips and experts giving their opinion before important games.

Interesting facts:

  • eSports are divided into 7 different types
  • The most common esports to find in bookmakers are CS:GO and DOTA
  • Live streaming is a common feature among eSports bookies.
  • Mobile devices are used for the majority of eSports competitions in the Philippines.

The fact that a large percentage of top esports betting sites provide live videos of all matches and competitions helps to increase the popularity of this sport by providing a completely unique betting experience and luring young people into this world.

Interesting facts
🏛️ First Introduced 2011
🏢 Overseeing Organisations Philippine Esports Organization (PESO)
📶 Bookmaker Coverage Medium
Popular in Philippines, Japan, the USA, UK
🌎 World Championship Yes
🏅 Olympic Discipline No

How to wager on eSports online?

You aren't required to do much to begin your adventure with esports betting philippines. The procedure is straightforward and quick. You will find a brief explanation of what to do below.

  1. Check our bookmaker list

    You can find a list of the most popular esports betting platforms at the start of the post. Look it over and pick one of these bookies to start with.

  2. Sign up with the bookmaker of your choice.

    Once you've made your decision, click the button to go to the registration form. Create an account by filling in the blanks with your personal information.

  3. Deposit funds

    Depositing money into your account is the following step. Select one of the systems accepted by the esports betting site by going to the page responsible for these transactions. Before confirming, enter the method's details and value.

  4. It’s time to bet

    One of the last steps. Visit the eSports area and pick a contest from the list. Then, after selecting the game you wish to wager on, tap on the market and decide on the wager amount.

  5. Get your winnings!

    Wait for the events specified in your wager to occur, and once they have, you will immediately receive your winnings into your bankroll.

5 best esports betting site with mobile apps

As most Philippines prefer to play eSports through mobile device, nothing better than being able to bet on this same platform. For this, many esports betting sites started offering betting apps.

For those who appreciate the mobile betting experience, we've broken down the best  esports betting site into a list of five options.

  1. eSports Betting app - 1xBet

    Both the 1XBet mobile app and mobile website offer unique promotions that aren't available on the desktop version, making it the primary choice for aficionados of mobile betting. It's also shocking how many different games and markets there are for esport betting.

  2. eSports Betting app - 22Bet

    22Bet apps are extremely extensive, including all the same features and capabilities as the desktop version to ensure a consistent user experience. It allows you to wager while watching live feeds of your preferred eSports.

  3. eSports Betting app - GGBet

    GGBET, a leader in esports online betting, provides one of the top apps for players of these games. With this book's mobile website, you can have fun wherever you are with CS: GO, LOL, and other games.

  4. eSports Betting app - MelBet

    The Melbet app for Android and iOS offers a very nice experience because they are both light and occupy a low part of your device's memory.  This bookmaker is the best esports betting website for frequent bettors because it also has a fantastic loyalty program.

  5. eSports Betting app - PNXBET

    Despite its youth, PNXBET consistently strives to provide players with positive experiences. You can wager on a lot of eSports via both the Apple and Android applications, which have a fantastic layout. It is also a terrific choice for individuals who want to start cryptocurrency betting on esports online.


Tips and tactics that are helpful for eSports betting

betting strategies and tips for esports betting

Many people are unclear of how to begin betting on eSports because they operate so differently from regular sports.

To help you better understand what has to be accomplished to enjoy a safer esports betting experience and improve your chances of winning, we've provided some advice below.

  1. Know Your Esports

    It's crucial that you understand the kind of eSports you've picked because there are various varieties. To comprehend the game better, learn about its gameplay and goals.

  2. Don’t Overthink Your Bets

    It's no use thinking for hours if the bet is good or not. Do your analysis and then bet, no overthinking.

  3. Get to Know the Teams & Players

    Knowing the teams and players involved helps you make a better analysis of the possible outcome, such as who is the favorite or who might have better stats.

  4. Study previous matchups

    You can uncover better esport betting alternatives by knowing what to expect for a match by looking at the outcomes of the teams' most recent matches against one another and against other teams.

  5. Use the Gaming Community

    The Gaming Community is really vast, with several videos and forums that help to better understand the games, competitions, and teams. Therefore, always seek their help to place your bets with more confidence.

  6. Bet selectively & objectively

    Don't go out betting on anything, choose calmly and wisely the game and market to bet on. Betting objectively helps you control spending and increases your chances.

The best eSports wager types to place

Betting on esports online may appear to be highly challenging, but the market dynamics are actually rather comparable to those of regular sports. We've included some of the top eSports betting markets for you below.

Live betting section for eSports

esport live betting

The live portion is unquestionably the most well-liked in the esport betting industry. This is one of the few modalities where live streaming is always available, allowing bettors to watch the action as it unfolds.

By doing so, they may assess the game as it is happening, making the betting much more dynamic and engaging.

Obviously, depending on the esports betting site philippines you select, the amount of markets in this part may occasionally be slightly decreased, but generally speaking, there are still plenty of wagers available.

Our recommended TOP-3 - which eSports betting site to use

In an effort to learn as much as possible and identify the finest possibilities, our crew has diligently studied Philippine eSports bookmakers. With the use of this, we were able to establish the top 3, which is made up of the primary esports betting sites for Filipinos.

To begin your betting adventure, simply select one of them and register.

  1. 1 # Website for eSports bets - 1xBet

    One of the key benefits of 1xbet has always been the range of markets and lines available for wagering. You may find a variety of esports online betting tournaments there, from the most well-known to local ones, all with a wide selection of games and betting choices.

  2. 2 # Website for eSports bets - 22Bet

    One of the best cryptocurrency betting experiences is at 22Bet, which offers a huge variety of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. Additionally, it's quite simple to earn free bets here, and you may use them on your preferred eSports.

  3. 3 # Website for eSports bets - MelBet

    Perfect for those who like to bet on their cell phone, Melbet has an extremely optimized mobile platform as well as great apps. In addition, the variety of promos and bonuses on this esports betting website always catches the attention of bettors.


Top 3 new esports betting site philippines

With the popularity of eSports increasing, it is common to see new esports betting site philippines appearing frequently on the national scene. Here are three new betting sites you should give a try.

  1. #1 New eSports betting site – MegaPari

    Megapari is relatively new, with its website having been launched in 2019, but is already among the top esports betting sites. Its big advantage is the full and partial cash-out feature, available in all eSports games, improving the live betting experience.

  2. #2 New eSports betting site – PNXBet

    Despite not offering an app, PNXBet has become a good choice for eSports fans due to its wide selection of markets across all games. On this platform, you will find all the most popular events and very interesting odds for esports betting online.

  3. #3 New eSports betting site – betonline

    For eSports fans who like or want to bet with cryptocurrencies, BetOnline is the best site for esports betting. The selection of cryptos is very wide, and there are no extra fees for deposits or withdrawals. They also have a good range of bonuses.


Always check bookmakers for the best eSports odds

Each esports betting site offers different odds in different markets for eSports and securing the best of them means higher profits. That's why our team has put together the eSports margins in several bookies below, so you can know which ones offer the best conditions.

Bookmaker margin for the top eSports leagues

Bookmaker margin for the top eSports leagues
Bookmaker Dota 2 League of Legends CS:GO The Overwatch League
5.33% 5.71% 6.85% 6.96%
4.58% 6.05% 6.02% 6.84%
5.74% 5.00% 5.94% 4.14%
5.18% 5.22% 4.12% 7.85%
5.51% 5.43% 5.99% 6.07%



What is the best esports betting site?

There are a lot of really great sites for eSports, check out our suggestions throughout the article to get to know them.

Is it legal to bet on e-Sports?

Yes, as long as you bet on a legal site. To ensure this, choose a bookie from our list.

What is the best game for online betting on esports?

It depends on the type of game you prefer. Two very common eSports in sports betting are CS:GO and DOTA 2.

Do bookmakers offer eSports live streaming?

Yes! Most bookies offer live streaming in all eSports games and competitions.

Are there any specific eSports betting bonuses?

Many of the best esports betting sites offer exclusive eSports offers. You can check if your favorite one offers any bonus like that by going to their promotions page.

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