Best eSports betting sites in the Philippines 2022


With the large amount of money that online sports betting makes, it is convenient for any Internet user to know with whom and where to start in this world.

The Philippines has one of the largest and most active online sports betting communities. Therefore, it would be an excellent idea to develop informative guides for this potential and specific community of users.

Below is all the necessary information on bettings linked to eSports, including betting sites, eSports bookmakers in the Philippines and much more. Read on if you want to be part of this online community and have the best options nearby.

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List of the best eSports betting sites in the Philippines

Found: 8 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim
1 1xbet


2 GGbet

125% bonus up to PHP 10,000

3 Ivibet

100% first deposit bonus up to $150

4 22bet


5 BetOnline

50% welcome bonus up to $1000


100% bonus up to 2000 PHP

7 Melbet

100% first deposit bonus up to 5800 PHP

8 Megapari


eSports Betting Sites - The Ultimate Guide


The fame of eSports is not new. Being a sport that is very accessible to everyone – especially for those who just want to have fun with games – eSports are successful with people of all ages, genders and nationalities.

In the sports betting industry, more and more eSports games are available, and some online bookmakers have specialized themselves in this sport. That is why we have prepared a very comprehensive guide to online betting on eSports, so every fan can start placing their wagers without doubts or problems.

History of eSports betting in the Philippines

The gambling world came to the Philippines during the first half of the 19th century. This means that there are at least 200 years of evolution of this even older practice. As was normal in most countries, it began as something illegal, but that did not stop it from growing nationally and adapting to the new forms of virtual gambling of today.

No authority succeeded in effectively banning gambling in the Philippines. It was then that, in the first decades of the past century, it was decided to take advantage of this practice for the financial good of the country. Gambling was legalized but monitored by the state.

  1. The Philippines has a total of 50 casinos operating throughout the country.
  2. Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is the main corporation in charge of the gambling world in the Philippines.
  3. PAGCOR is also one of the first two contributors to local government.
  4. Gambling represents a business of more than 100 billion Philippine pesos (2.20 million dollars) per year.

In the second half of the century, the first casinos and franchises in this area operated openly but with constant regulations.

Another history was developing in parallel, with the creation of the first eSports events. The biggest events of this new sports trend have taken place mainly in the United States. In the case of the Philippines, eSports events were not officially recognized as official sport events until 2017, giving a new image to eSports in this country since that year.

With so many options for esports betting in the Philippines, this type of sport has gained a lot of space among betting fans.

Virtual sports grew as a massive commercial space, thus attracting the interest of more and more bettors in recent times. Sports betting has been totally legal in the Philippines for years. There are certain restrictions and conditions to become an eSports bookmaker, but it is now possible to bet online on a wide variety of electronic sports without much difficulty in this country.


? Is it reliable to gamble online from the Philippines?

Virtual casinos and the flow of online sports betting are duly regulated by PAGCOR. The sites that are recommended or approved by this corporation are 100% safe and reliable.

? How common are eSports sportsbooks in the Philippines?

E-sports betting is as popular in the Philippines as it is in any major country in the world. Locally, the Philippines has allowed the approval and operation of a large number of eSports sportsbooks.

? Are there free virtual bets in the Philippines?

Yes, most online casinos offer start-up bonuses that allow you to play free while preparing for your first real investment.

? What currency are you betting on in Philippine?

The local currency is the Philippine Peso. Most locally available casinos and eSports betting sites accept transfers and deposits using this currency.

? Are international banks allowed in eSports betting in the Philippines?

There are a great variety of payment methods for virtual betting in this country. International debit and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere and are in fact the first forms of payment.

How to Bet on eSports

  1. Choose the Game

    Unlike other sports, eSports have different modalities of games in it. You can choose LOL, DOTA 2, Call of Duty, among others. If you are starting out with online betting, go to the game that you know best and follow the most.

    Choose your sport
  2. Check out the events

    It may be that there are more than one event available for each eSports modality at the same time. You can bet on only one of them, or on more than one, the final choice is yours. Remember to choose the competitions that you follow, as it is easier to know when the matches will happen and which teams will participate in it.

    Look through events
  3. Analyze the market options

    Before betting on a particular game, always analyze the options available. There is no point in betting on a very obvious result if the odds are too low. However, there is no point in doing crazy things just to try to profit. By analyzing your market options, you can find results that are possible to happen, but which will also provide you with an interesting profit.

    Analyze the market options

Best Sportsbooks For Mobile Betting: eSports users in the Philippines

For the beginners in this world, it is important to know the best bookmakers and the best eSports betting sites in the Philippines. Only in this way is there a guarantee of getting off to a good start in a business with such commercial importance at the local level. Read the specialists and the reviews with better arguments. This is what you need to know about eSports betting Mobile version.

It is not difficult to find a betting site in the Philippines that offers betting on eSports, giving you several options to choose from.

It is well known that the cell phone is the number one tool for online gaming today. Taking advantage of the fact that you are just starting out in virtual betting, know since this moment the most modern way and familiarize yourself with the advantages of betting from your cell phone.

Betting sites for esports Mobile versión

The better the bets are adapted to mobile phones, the more customers the sites attract. Applications, websites, etc. In the Philippines, there are no limitations to betting from cell phones, the welcome benefits offered by virtual casinos are the same for gamblers who are initiated in this world from their cell phone or computer.

You must take into account that betting online from your smartphone allows you to control more comfortably your activity in any betting site. You can even take advantage of some special promotions for users who actively gamble from their cell phones. Some sites release these promotions to attract more customers: something positive both for the sites and for you.

Bookmaker Football Basketball Hockey Volleyball
20bet 6.90% 6.71% 4.98% 7.21%
22bet 5.33% 5.70% 5.38% 6.45%
Unibet 5.90% 4.00% 5.80% 6.61%

Top 5 Sportsbooks With Fastest Payouts for eSports Betting in the Philippines

Avoid bookies with long delays for payments and collections. The eSports in the Philippines are as famous as any other betting area. You should easily find a vast selection of offers of bookies on the web, just look for the best references and make your selection.
In order to help you, because we understand how important it is to help the members of the online community of gamblers from the Philippines, you can check the list of bookmakers below. They have the best payouts options, without long delays and with the best reputations you can find on the web:

  1. 1

    50% welcome bonus up to $1000

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. 5

    125% bonus up to PHP 10,000

Users in the Philippines: eSports Betting Tips & Strategies

If you are looking for fun or you really intend to win big, betting on Philippines eSports involves playing smart and saving risks.

Earn as much experience as you can with free bonuses from sports betting sites and then move on to small investments. Increase progressively and, very importantly, follow these other equally important tips:

  • Please read carefully the terms and conditions of use of any sports bookmaker;
  • Check license and reliability information;
  • Check online reviews before relying on investments in any such site;
  • Look for betting sites that give particular benefits to gamblers in the Philippines.


Although all the options above are very good sites for eSports betting in the Philippines, BetOnline seems to be the site with the fastest payment and collection system among all those options. This is very understandable, taking into account the excellent reputation and experience this sportsbook has at an international level. Its transaction system has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, making it very difficult for any other site to beat it. Recommended if your main interest is fast payments.

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  • VISA-100x100sa

    First choice if you plan to use a bank account with a debit or credit card.

  • Mastercard-100x100sa

    Using such recognized payment methods guarantees you the best transaction conditions.

  • Skrill-100x100sa

    Very complete payment method. One of the most attractive options in the world of virtual betting.


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