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MegaSports World Mobile Review

On this page, we are going to clarify the aim and functionality of the mobile-based MSW (MegaSportsWorld) bookmaker in the Philippines.

How to get

As at October 2020, the betting company maintains the following mobile platforms and apps:

  1. MSW VIP Premier Service App for iOS ; Android
  2. Mobile website version for Apple and Android devices

To clarify the confusion, the MSW betting apps for the Philippines serve as a part of the VIP program for bettors with ₱10,000+ betting volume per week. The application has the sole function of Private Video-Call Service with the MSW managers to confirm stakes without leaving home.

Meanwhile, the mobile website was created to fulfill the qualities of the desktop site. Generally, a player can log in, review the schedule, and calculate potential winnings. Still, the MSW site is only an appendage to the fundamentally offline betting service.

For now, we are focusing on the mobile site guide with critical comments and recommendations alongside.

How to install MSW Android app for the Philippines

The MSW Android application is not yet available.

How to install MSW iOS app for the Philippines

The MSW iOS application is not yet available.

Mobile Website for Android & iOS over Desktop: Upsides and Downsides

Since the MegaSportsWorld bookmaker is not oriented towards online betting per se, it was not difficult to adapt the desktop site to mobiles. Given the limited online functionality, it is far more convenient to use the mobile platform than the standard PC site. A small mobile screen fits the site just well.

The starting page opens in the Sports section, and a direct transition to the next essential pages is offered:

  • In-Play (Live Bets)
  • Locator (Philippine map of the supported outlets)
  • Results (find the outcomes per days / sports / tournaments / categories or combined)

In the left drop-down menu, a number of additional services can be reached: most importantly, bet calculator, FAQ with the most up-to-date instructions, and the customer support page.

The MSW mobile is a better and easier option for those who want to check the msw website for some reason.

The MSW “Fixtures” section deserves specific attention. It represents a timetable of future events, with an ability to download a pdf version of the game schedule for today or all upcoming events.

How to access the MegaSportsWorld mobile version?

Similarly to the desktop site, the MSW mobile platform is accessible from all alternative devices via virtually any mobile browser. However, the registration cannot be completed online: to create an account requires a personal visit to one of the official MSW stores in the Philippines with a legal ID and a minimum cash sum of 100 PHP to settle right away.

It is important to note that only those visitors Philippine IPs are granted permission to view the site, so you won’t be able to access it from somewhere else without a working Philippinean IP.

How to login

To sign in your account, you must already have your login & password info plus RFID chip from an authorized MegaSportsWorld store in the Philippines. According to the MSW policies, one cannot register online, which makes sense considering that bets are accepted via offline stores and terminals alone.

Logging in is available inside the right-side window under the “Welcome” title. Enter your Username and Password, tick the “Remember my username to login” box to not struggle with the authentication next time. 

In case the current password is forgotten, it can be swiftly recovered via your designated email.

MSW mobile login

Sports betting

Altogether, the MegaSportsWorld active sports comprises 20 distinct categories: all the way from Basketball to Greyhound Racing and Boxing (Virtual Sports included). 

The bet slip is fixed in the bottom part of the screen – swipe it up, and it will fully cover your screen.

From the hosted events, stakes can be added to the bet slip and potential winnings calculated for the current odds and preferred wager value. However, to approve the bet, a punter has to approach an assistant at one of the MSW outlets.

MSW mobile sports betting MSW mobile racing results MSW mobile live betting

Live betting

The quality live broadcasts are provided for the area of virtual sports: emulated Horse Racing, Table Tennis, etc. Other live sports have an interface for both live streams and even on-air statistics – nevertheless, neither worked at all event-pages we have visited (more than multiple ones).

Throughout our mobile test, all the events have appeared solely in the Live Now or In-play sections we have observed none in the Next Matches folder. Most likely, the Fixtures division is presumed to fulfil the coming plays’ overview purpose.


Cash-in and withdrawal operations are, as expected, offline-based – both have to be processed at official MSW stores. Since the bettors are inclined to bet right away instead of account replenishment, the minimum deposit refers to the least possible bet: single and complex bets sum start at ₱100. For MSW VIP members, the smallest acceptable stake amounts to 1000 Philippine peso.

The withdrawal threshold is not explicitly defined by the bookmaker company. Still, the maximum single payout at MegaSportsWorld varies from 500 thousand to 2.5 million PHP (depending on the sport).

It is significant that payouts can be received exclusively at one’s “Home Outlet” – meaning, the MSW store where one conducted initial registration.

Payment MethodDepositWithdrawal
Cash onlyMin: 100 PHP
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: N/A
Max: 2,500 PHP
Time: instant


Social media, e-mail letters, and the phone hotline are indicated places to find customer support by the Philippine betting enterprise. The truth is, while all emails are not getting answered in days, the online accounts on Twitter and Facebook seem to be abandoned for years. 

Therefore, the punters who seek help are left with the phone number. Understandably, the company of traditional framework utilizes the contact methods which are a little out-of-date in the world of 2020.

MSW mobile support


Well, the MegaSportsWorld can hardly be called a bookmaker site for everyone. Leaving disabled and immobile bettors aside, let’s admit that the technological progress has won a large share of the long-established offline bookies of the MSW type. 

The MegaSportsWorld app still doesn’t exist, however you can access their mobile website and check all their information.

Still, what we do is a statement of facts – sometimes, it simply gives you the precious joy to have a walk, chat with a cashier, and have a McDonald’s coffee cup in your hand.


Only phone support responds consistently

The website calls for modernization & cleansing




? Are there any mobile-specific bonuses?
Sadly and peculiarly, the MSW does not uphold bonuses in 2020, even though they have done so in the past. We have sent an email request about the promotional plans of the bookmaker, yet did not hear back.
? Does MegaSportsWorld offer live streaming services for mobile apps?
The mobile website hosts MSW live broadcasts for Virtual Sports on a regular basis. For other sports types, the live videos did not work for us once.
? How easy it is to deposit/withdraw money in every application?
Deposits and cash-outs are conducted strictly offline at authorized stores or via SSBT terminals. The RFID Chip authenticate your identity via the NFC Card Reader – boom, you are almost there!
? Where can I find the MegaSportsWorld promotions in apps?
Nowhere – it is non-existent. Besides, we have not heard any response to our inquiry about the promotional policy and future plans of the MSW bookmaker.
? Where can I find .apk files for iOS and/or Android?
First, the mobile MSW app is not an app in a popular sense: dedicated purely to the MVP club bettors, it gives one access to place large bets via the video-call system. The download links are located at the “Contact Us” site section if accessed via phone.

P.S. At the turbulent times of COVID-19 quarantine, the mobile application page is “unavailable until further notice” – what a precise statement on the developer’s part!

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