Double Chance Meaning In Betting

Evelyn Balyton

Evelyn Balyton

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The beauty of the modern day sportsbook is calculating the number of betting markets available at the average online betting site. All the best betting sites in the Philippines ensure they are well stocked for the every day bettor. From 1X2 or match winner markets, which simply means picking the outcome of a contest between two teams or individuals, to complex Bet Builders, where bettors can add all kinds of outcomes to the betslip, there are lots of ways to make sport matter more.

One such market that doesn’t get as much attention is the humble Double Chance market.

When placing wagers on the Double Chance bet, you are calculating a team to either win or draw, win or lose, or draw or lose. Basically, it is as the title of the market sounds. You are giving yourself two chances of winning your bet, improving the probability of it coming in but with lower sports odds.

What is odds and how do they apply to the Double Chance bet?

Why Choose A Double Chance Bet?

Firstly, if you’re Bitcoin sports betting on the Double Chance market, there are two reasons.

  • Reason number one: You are calculating and err on the side of caution. You’d rather have the best chance of winning rather than the potential of winning more.
  • Reason number two: You are adding the Double Chance selection to a combo bet to have the best chance possible of landing an accumulator. Tip: Calculating the odds as you go when building ypur double chance accumulator gives you better visibility of when to stop adding legs.

Whatever way you square it, you are calculating the Double Chance option to improve the chances of your wagers with bookmakers.

What Is Double Chance In Betting?

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What is the Double Chance meaning in relation to football online sportsbooks and NFL betting sites?

Let’s say, for example, you are watching underdogs Burnley take on the all-conquering Manchester City. You are calculating the Clarets to cause an upset but you’re not confident enough in their abilities to secure the win outright. This is the perfect example of when Double Chance comes into play at online bookmakers.

In the above example, if Burnley wins or draws the game, you win your 1X2 bet. You are adding an extra layer of security to your investment in exchange for potential returns.

Of course, there is still a chance it loses. If the outcome not covered by your Double Chance stake wins, then you will lose the bet. But the probability slants markedly in your favour.

The Double Chance market only applies to fixtures in which three results are possible. Obviously, Double Chance wagers would not work in a tennis contest, as ties are not possible.

Double chance in regular time basketball

However unlikely it may be, the tie is a possible result in basketball.

Indeed, any NBA game has approximately a 6% chance of ending as a tie - last season (2022/23), the Boston Celtics played 11 games in overtime. 

By calculating Double Chance in a basketball game, you are covering your wagers with bookmakers in the improbable event of the game ending in a tie.

Sports for Double Chance Betting

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Any sports offered by bookmakers that have the 1X2 market will have the option of a Double Chance market, which makes it a staple of the sportsbook’s betting output.

For those wondering what is 1X2 in betting, it is a type of betting market in which wagers are made on either team winning or the match ending in a draw. These types of wagers is commonly used in soccer and other team sports like hockey and rugby.

It’s a different way of activating bookmaker's bonuses, too. Given it is a relatively low-risk bet, it is suitable for wagering requirements, especially .



What is the Double Chance market in online betting?

The Double Chance market allows bettors to cover two possible outcomes of a match, increasing their chances of winning.


How does the Double Chance market work?

In this market, you are calculating either Team A or Team B to win or draw the match, combining two possible outcomes into one bet.


What are the advantages of using the Double Chance market?

The Double Chance market offers higher chances of winning compared to traditional wagers and provides a safety net by covering two outcomes.


Are there any limitations to using the Double Chance market?

The odds for this market may be lower compared to other betting options, and it may not be available for all matches.


Can I combine the Double Chance market with other betting options?

Yes, you can combine it with other markets such as over/under or correct score to create more diverse and potentially profitable bets.  So, this market can be a great addition to your betting strategy.