Best Dota 2 betting sites in the Philippines 2022


ESports betting is a whole new world compared to football, rugby, basketball or any other types of betting.

Dubbed the king of Multiplayer online battle arena games, Dota 2 has not been short of any popularity in terms of people betting on its eSports competitions. Published by Valve, the game rose to popularity due to its requirements of strategic thinking, planning and quick decision making.

Betting on eSports was popularised by people punting on which Dota 2 players may come out on top.

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List of Dota 2 Bookmakers

Found: 7 Bookmakers

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DOTA 2 Betting Sites - The Ultimate Guide


Learn About DOTA 2 Sports Betting

For those who are fans of DOTA 2, but still don’t know much about the world of online sports betting, we have prepared a very complete guide.

Here you will find:

Although not as famous worldwide as LOL or CS: GO, eSports DOTA 2 has a large number of fans and is also quite successful in the betting world.

Created by the company Valve, it is a perfect sport for those who like strategy games. And with the increase in large bookmakers offering DOTA 2, fans of this sport can increasingly enjoy the thrill of sports betting.


Dota 2, as explained in the first section is a strategy based real time game which is also combined with elements of tower defense games.

Betting on Dota 2 came out along with all the other eSports when the rapid rise began around 2014-2015 when popular streaming platform Twitch would have eSports coverage content on it’s page.

The similarity of the competition between eSports and sports were uncanny. Thus called e- (electronic) Sports. This new industry was seen by many companies e.g sponsors and more, as a big opportunity on the rise. Bookmakers were no different, they were indulged in making a move into the market to make a smart move for more users and financial profits.

  1. Dota 2 was the most played game on Steam for a long time
  2. The odds on Dota 2 bets usually fluctuate but are able to be tracked in real time
  3. There are a few factors which could determine the winner of a Dota 2 game
  4. Dota 2 came from a custom map of Warcraft III

Dota, which was originally a mod for Warcraft 3, came to be when it was released, and dubbed a popular way to play the game, Dota 2 however, was a “modernised remake” which would attempt to replicate Dota’s antics- to big success. Now dubbed as not a sequel- but a standalone game, it gained many players worldwide.

The two (Dota 2 and eSports) came together when in 2013 it was released. What better way was there to introduce the game with a tournament worth 1.6 million dollars (79,996,800.00 peso). The promotional move to show the game off via a big tournament proved to be a great move.

The amount of DoTA 2 betting sites in the Philippines has grown a lot over the years, which is great news for fans of the sport.

Many people began to play- like most popular games, an eSports community was established. Team arose, professional players began to get paid and companies invested, leading to a massive rise.

The colonisation of an eSports community and industry which embraced the Dota 2 world would soon be used as a financial opportunity for betting by people around the world.


? Am I able to bet before turning 18?

No, you will need to be at least 18 years of age before betting on any type of competition regarding the law.

? Can I claim free bets/bonuses?

If your bookmaker offers free betting bonuses you should be able to. Have a look for the best customer offers.

? Can I make deposits using a credit card?

Using MasterCard and several others you should be able to. Using security services such as PayPal is also really easy to use and ensures safety.

? How can I get tips on Dota 2 betting?

Our website provides a great selection of betting tips, predictions, and analysis on Dota 2 and not only, check it out!

? Can I bet from my mobile?

Yes. Many bookmakers support mobile use. Apps are able to be downloaded on iOS, Android and others.

How to Bet on DOTA 2 on your Mobile

  1. Download the app

    The best bookmakers in DOTA 2 will offer very good apps to their users. That way, you can just access the website of the chosen bookie and download the app quickly to start your bets.

    Download app
  2. Log into your account

    To start betting, you will need to access your account. If you haven't already, just register, something that usually takes less than 5 minutes. If you already have a username and password, log in and start betting.

    Log into your account
  3. Choose the game

    Once you are logged in to your account, just choose which game you want to bet on. Click on the DOTA 2 option among the list of available sports at the house and see what games and competitions are available for you place your wager.

    Choose your event

Best Dota 2 sportsbooks for mobile betting

Mobile betting is a big win these days. Being able to bet from your pocket and from anywhere anytime means more bets placed, and ultimately, won.

Some bookies will be giving out special mobile app-only offers for punters. Dota 2’s odds fluctuate often whilst in game- meaning mobile usage is best when it comes to following the score, current winner and the in game statistics.

Live betting is a huge advantage nowadays- you’re able to place a bet before a game and then inspect what goes on via mobile apps. Sometimes live streaming is also available meaning you’re able to witness your event unfold.

With so many options for dota 2 betting sites in the country, fans are able to choose which best payment method to place their bets.

More is now possible rather than just placing your bets through your phone, exclusive data, making strategic decisions and special offers that will affect your betting experience positively.

Many bookies will adapt to Dota 2 specific betting and will offer bonuses that fit the big occasions, events and predictions. The best bookies may have live streaming of the happenings at the Dota 2 venues and how the competitors may be preparing for the cyber battle.

Bookmaker Football Basketball Hockey Tennis
20bet 6.90% 6.71% 4.98% 8.06%
22bet 5.33% 5.70% 5.38% 6.61%
Unibet 5.90% 4.00% 5.80% 6.05%

Top 5 Dota 2 bookies with fastest payouts

An ideal Dota 2 bookie will definitely cover the event for you in a simple way, managing all the information in an outlet for you to access anytime. The best bookies will allow you to view the event in a livestream too, meaning you are up to date with all the action that goes on live at the venue.

The fastest payouts will make sure you receive your money after a correct bet. The deposit speed will also make a difference as you may be willing to bet on a match that’s in a few hours, or even minutes.

A good user interface and interactive information outlets are also a must in every modern day book making app, mobile or not. The bookies below are handpicked for being known as some of the best for eSports betting and are available in the Philippines.

A good starting bonus will most likely be another focal point on any bookie. If you’re starting out with a new bookmaker and looking to use it as much as you can, you’ll be holding out for the best deals to boost your winnings, and probability of getting a good money return back.

  1. 1


  2. 2

    100% up to €125

  3. 3


Dota 2 sports betting tips & strategies

Information procession

The first rule of being able to bet on ANY TYPE of eSports effectively is to be able to keep an eye on the information and watch the event unfold.

This way, you’ll know when to cash out or keep your bet on or put any additional strategic bets on.

In-game understanding

A good understanding of the game and what problems it presents for the players to be solved is another great way you can gain a better insight on betting on Dota 2.

Generally, analysing how a player starts the game, their record and strategies will help you understand if they’re better than the other players – making them the favourites.

Understanding of the odds

If you’re relatively new to the Dota 2 odds, we recommend you begin with a better understanding rather than more risk of losing out on good opportunities, losing money and more losses. The odds will tell you some good information just by looking at them- such as who’s favoured to win, and the underdog.


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