UFC Betting in the Philippines

Mixed Martial Arts is a sport filled with adrenaline, excitement, and intensity that keeps the viewers on their toes all the time. And that is why it is such a favored sport of bettors across the Globe.

No doubt, there are many MMA fighting organizations, but UFC outranks them all as the most prestigious fighting organization. Every fighter in the world strives to fight at the UFC forum because that’s the zenith of any fighter’s career.

Mike Colbert (former director of a bookmaker) believes that UFC cards are getting as many as four-time more bets than your average boxing game. That’s why UFC betting in the Philippines is all the rage these days.

Filipinos used to love martial arts dearly back in the day, and that adoration is still present. There are many legendary Filipino combat players, like Manny Pacquiao and Mark Munoz that proves that UFC in the Philippines is a thriving and much-loved sport.

We have curated this article for Filipinos who are passionate about UFC and MMA and are on the look-out for safe and reliable UFC Bookmakers in the Philippines.

Here is a run-down of the things you will find in this article:

  • List of UFC bookmakers in the Philippines
  • Facts about UFC betting in the Philippines
  • Best UFC sportsbooks in the Philippines for online/mobile betting
  • Recommended payment methods at UFC betting sites
  • UFC betting tips and strategies

UFC Betting Tips & Strategies

Found 5 bookmakers

Facts about UFC betting in the Philippines

With the rising popularity of combat sports, there is no reason for the Philippines to not Host MMA or UFC matches in the future. Back in 2015-16, UFC held back to back fights in the Philippines, which were a huge success, and many Filipino players were featured in the event. There are many more events to take place in the Philippines in the near future too.

  1. MMA fighter John Dodson is half-Filipino
  2. Brandon Vera could hold his own against the popular fighters like Randy Couture
  3. Philippines have their own martial art which is a mix of Western and Eastern styles

UFC betting in the Philippines is legal according to the 2012 case, where it was declared officially that online betting is not illegal according to any law. Besides, betting on MMA, UFC fights comes under the category of online sports betting, which is totally legal in the Philippines. The only exception is placing bets with the local betting sites that are not regulated by PAGCOR, the regulatory body for online gambling in the country.

Being one of the best known fighting modalities worldwide, it is quite easy to find UFC betting websites to bet on.

Apart from that, it is illegal for the domestic betting sites to take bets on any event happening locally, but that’s not a huge problem since most of the significant events are held abroad. Many offshore sites offer better odds than local sites if bettors are interested in placing bets on local events. Megasportsworld is a convenient domestic option for people looking to place wagers on UFC fights since PAGCOR fully licenses it.


? Can Filipino Peso be used for betting on Martial Arts?

Many UFC sportsbooks in the Philippines accept the Philippine currency Peso. But then some online sites don’t give you an option to pay in Peso.

So what are your options then? Well, firstly, it is always better to do some background research before placing bets.

If you are placing bets on any site, do remember to crosscheck if they accept Peso or if they have any other possible options for their customers? Most Sportsbooks provide easy conversion options like Dollars, pounds, or euro. Even cryptocurrencies can be used to make the payment.

Just make sure that you are comfortable with the payment option and then move to place bets.

? Are there any famous MMA or UFC fighters from the Philippines?

There are definitely some Good MMA and UFC fighters from the Philippines worth your bets.

Brandon Vera is one such name who was a UFC Fighter and is now ASIAN ONE champion. Although he is missing in action for some time but is expected to make a comeback soon, apart from that, here are few other notable Filipino Fighters:

  • Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz – MMA/UFC
  • Brandon “The Truth” Vera – MMA/ONE Championship
  • Eddie “The Filipino Phenom” Yagin – MMA/UFC
? Are there any bonuses for UFC betting for Filipinos?

The betting market is swamped with a multitude of online betting sites.

One of the perks of a competitive gambling market is the bonuses and promotions offered by these pages to lure maximum bettors to their site. So yes, many rewards are awaiting Filipino bettors.

Most sites provide welcome bonuses, and there is nothing better for bettors than some free bets, right? It makes betting that much sweeter.



Want to start betting on UFC but don’t know where to start? Well, how about a quick and comprehensive guide to set you up on making money through online UFC betting.

Here are quick tips to remember:

  • Choosing the right place to bet is as important as picking up your favourite player to bet. A betting site that is not trusted is of no use. So make sure to choose a site that makes your betting journey easy-going rather than making it a confusing one. Look out for sites with better payouts so you can make money that is worth the effort you put in. (check out above-mentioned sites)
  • The flexibility of betting options on UFC is the real deal. It’s not the same old boring stuff like who is going to win the match. Instead, you can bet on so many things like how long will the round last, who will throw more punches, and how will the fight turn out? If you are not comfortable yet to bet on the winner, you can always bet on what you enjoy the most and have an eye for.
  • Now you can’t go and put the wagers on whoever is your favourite, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. You have to put in some effort and do some background research on both fighters. Are any of the players on the winning streak? What is the style of both players? By doing this, you will know which player to bet on.
  • We all know that being a fan of the UFC is different than being an expert bettor. So you need to understand all the strategies and odds of UFC betting in general. This will help you get a good start in your betting career.

Filipino bettors prefer betting on UFC online because having access to online information can make a big difference when there is a do-or-die match going on. Following is the list of most reliable betting sites for UFC in the Philippines. We shortlisted these sites because they offer the fastest payout, are easy to use for new bettors even, and features most bet types. And most importantly, these are the sites you can trust and are secured enough to be worth your time and money.

  1. 1
    100% UP TO $122 (~6028 PHP)
  2. 2
    100% UP TO 5400 PHP
  3. 3
    50% welcome bonus up to $1000 (~49415 PHP)
  4. 4
    0% margin on 4 football leagues

    If only one outcome in your accumulator (with at least five selections) is predicted unsuccessfully, we will refund your stake as a Free Bet (up to €30).

  5. 5
    Deposit $30 (~1482 PHP), bet $60 (~2964 PHP)

Best UFC SportsBook in the Philippines for Online/Mobile betting

With the rise of technology and smartphones, online betting is getting more popular thanks to the convenience and additional bonuses offered by online sportsbooks. Bettors love to bet online from around the world. Your geographical location doesn’t matter anymore as you can literally place bets on any game happening anywhere in the world.

Although not being among the most popular sports, UFC online betting in the Philippines has been gaining a lot of fans lately, with the growth of the sport in the country.

Other perks of online betting include freedom to move freely, currency conversions, bonuses, and promotions, which are not offered by traditional sportsbooks. Besides, you can get access to betting information and stats from literally anywhere without any hassle.

Designated UFC bookmaker

100% UP TO 5400 PHP!

1xbet offers standard UFC betting for your pleasure. Founded in 2007, 1xBet is covered by a Curacao licensing which is considered to be of a somewhat weak standard. Not only allowing its customers to bet on sports, but also political decisions! The odds here are reported to be higher than usual.

Recommended Payment Methods for UFC

Betting on UFC websites online is a smooth ride since many UFC Bookmakers offer a variety of payment options to Filipino punters.

Although you will get a variety of deposit options when betting online on UFC, it is important to find out and select options that are hassle-free and give you the best conversion rates too. There are a variety of payment options available to suit everyone’s needs. Some of these methods include credit/debit cards, Bitcoins, and e-wallets.

To spare you the trouble, we have compiled the best payment methods for Filipino bettors to bet online while staying safe and secure.

1xbetMin dep: $1
Min w/d: $1,5
Comm: 0%
Min dep: $1
Min w/d: $1,5
Comm: 0%
Min dep: $1
Min w/d: $1,5
Comm: 0%
MelbetMin dep: $1
Min w/d: $1,5
Comm: 0%
Min dep: $1
Min w/d: $1,5
Comm: 0%
Min dep: $1
Min w/d: $1,5
Comm: 0%
Marathon BetMin dep: $2
Min w/d: $6
Comm: 0%
Min dep: $6
Min w/d: $6
Comm: 0%
Min dep: $6
Min w/d: $6
Comm: 0%
  • Skrill is one of the world’s largest payment processing systems online and is supported in many countries all over the world.

  • Bitcoin is one of the most famous, popular and widespread cryptocurrencies in the world.

  • PayPal doesn't really require a lot of introduction. Founded in 1998, PayPal has since become a juggernaut on online payments.


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