The best Skrill betting sites in the Philippines


Skrill is a business focusing mainly on the convenient and easy to do money transfers, across the world.

In the betting industry, Skrill has a role of aiding deposits and withdrawals, meaning it is one of the many great methods to help your betting experience. Good money transferring service will set you on your way to a successful betting experience, fast withdrawals, and fun. So let’s take a look at one of the best ways to do it!

In this article we show which websites and bookies are the best to use with Skrill.

  • The best bookies to use with Skrill
  • The safety of Skrill
  • How to make a deposit with Skrill
  • The times, fees and limits with Skrill
  • Alternative ways to pay
  • FAQs

List of Betting Sites that accept Skrill

Found: 8 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim
1 GGbet

125% bonus up to PHP 10,000

2 1xbet


3 Ivibet

100% first deposit bonus up to $150

4 BetOnline

50% welcome bonus up to $1000

5 Megapari


6 22bet



Up to 100% Multi Bet Boosts


100% bonus up to 2000 PHP


? How Do I Join Skrill?

It’s super easy to set up an account. To do so, all you need to do is head to the official website and follow the prompts to open a new account. You’ll then be required to enter a few personal details, and once you’ve confirmed your email address (and in some countries, your mobile phone number), your account will be open and ready to start using.

? Which Bookies Accept Skrill?

If you’re looking to find out about bookmakers that accept Skrill then you’re in the right place. At the top of this page you’ll be able to view a full list of online bookmakers that accept Skrill. If you see a site you like the look of, then just click the button alongside their name. You’ll then be able to join up in a couple of minutes.

? How Much Can I Deposit Using Skrill?

Bookmakers that use Skrill generally get to choose the maximum deposit limits associated with the payment method. However, the payment method itself has some maximums – and usually the maximum transaction is limited to $1,000 (or currency equivalent) per transaction.

? Can I Withdraw Using Skrill?

Yes. It’s really easy to make withdrawals using this option, and it’s generally one of the best ways of getting funds out of your online betting accounts. As soon as the bookmaker has processed your transaction the funds will be available in your Ewallet account instantly – so there’s really nothing to worry about in this respect.

? Are There Any Fees?

Yes, there are. There’s a charge of 1% for uploading funds, plus there’s also a fee for withdrawing money from your account to a bank account. There is no charge for simply have an account with this company though.

Is Skrill safe?

As all users may be concerned with the overall safety of a money handling service, we understand that the explanation and review of safety measures mean lots. So we’ll start it off with how Skrill may keep your account safe- two-factor identification, now this means you will need to have your personal phone by you every time you’re logging in. A pin number would be sent to you and required for you to log in, which of course tightens the security.


Choosing betting sites with Skrill is very good, due to its security, confidentiality, and speed of transactions.

When you’re handing over your sensitive personal information, Skrill mostly encrypts the site, meaning nobody would be able to read it even if it gets hacked or somehow intercepted. Skrill never emails you asking for your information- so it is important to be wary of any possible phishing emails posing to be Skrill.

To summarise this, Skrill is a safe and widely trusted money transferring service and will help you keep your money safe.

How to obtain Skrill

To bring Skrill into your array of money management and transferring techniques, you can visit their website to create a FREE account and store your information safely. You can then deposit money whilst bearing the small fees in mind. Connecting your phone to your account is a must to ensure account security and stability.

A Skrill prepaid card is also available for obtaining by the application once you’ve got a minimum of 498.06 peso in your account. You can easily apply through their website and your account.

Alternatively, you’re able to download their app and create your account, insert your details from there.

How to make a deposit with Skrill

Not everybody knows how to make a deposit, using this informative guide you’ll be adequately equipped to begin depositing to aid your betting endeavours.

  • Step 1. First, you’re going to have to create the account if you’ve already not got one. Simple instructions on how to begin using the secure service are in the paragraph above this one.
  • Step 2. You’ll need your credit card. Skrill will use encryption technology in order to protect the information while you do it.
  • Step 3. After your information is processed, you’ll have to pick an amount to deposit into your Skrill account. This comes with a small fee that is 1%. We advise you to calculate how much you will lose through this before you go ahead.
  • Step 4. When your money is in the account, you’re then able to transfer it to your betting account. Link your Skrill up with your account through the bookmaking website, then pick an amount.
  • Step 5. Make sure the transaction has gone through by checking your betting account- your bookmaker should display where your money is and how much you’ve got.

GGbet and Skrill

A bookmaker dedicated to eSports betting, this will draw the attention of many fanatics and gamers wanting to wager on their favourite gamers playing the most strategic games. Some of the featured games include the widely popular Dota2, Call of duty, Starcraft 2, League Of Legends, and even Halo plus NBA.

This bookmaker tends to make special offers and cool promotions on separate games providing plenty more ways to win.


GGbet has a minimum deposit at $5, and the transactions are completed instantly. The minimum withdrawal is also $5 but can take quite some time to be processed.

Play Review

MarathonBet and Skrill

The organization was set up in 2007, making it one of the earliest companies operating online gambling. One of the primary concerns on how the bookmakers empower the individuals who, despite everything, don’t have an account with them is the welcome bonus.

MarathonBet is also one of the more convenient bookmakers for tennis (you can visit our page for tennis betting sites to find out more), so you might want to pay attention to its offers.

Advantages & limitations

There is a good variety of betting sites that accept Skrill not only in the Philippines but also in several countries around the world.

The advantages of using Skrill are pretty simple. A reliable service used to transfer the money internationally means you have a good resource at your disposal- with a free to make account.

Apparent low cost fees for transferring money gives you a small discount on putting your cash into your betting accounts. Being a very effective way to transfer your money if you’ve won, or want to win, Skrill presents itself as one of the most trusted money transferring services.


It’s simplicity will help you use the service with ease- gaining it somewhat a better rating on usability. The customer support is known to be able to deal with your problems swiftly and help you carry on transferring money.

It’s not all without it’s disadvantages though. A 1% deposit fee means you’ll have to pay an amount if you deposit your peso. This can add up to an amount like 3.99% meaning your depositions can cost you quite a lot of money for a mere transfer if you don’t look out.

Skrill also doesn’t offer a live chat feature meaning you may have to sometimes wait for the good customer service and elimination of problems.

The mobile app is supported by IOS and Android but not Windows or Blackberry.



1% deposit fee

Skrill Limits, fees & withdrawal times

Fees and time are what make up the quality of a financial service and may as well impact on which service will be picked for use by consumers. People who bet are usually picky on this as they want as much money available as possible.

As stated before, Skrill has a small fee on deposits and more. Withdrawal fees can easily add up to 298.11 peso. Transfer fees also have a 1.45% fee of the transferred amount. But while Skrill adds those percentages onto the deposits and transfers, receiving money is completely free on the plus side.

Skrill is a fast and convenient way to pay- making it under a few minutes to have your money be deposited or transferred.

Bookmaker VISA MasterCard Skrill Neteller
Marathon Bet Min: $2
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $2
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $6
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $6
Max: N/A
Time: instant
1xbet Min: $1
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $1
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $1
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $1
Max: N/A
Time: instant
GGbet Min: $5
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $5
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $5
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $5
Max: N/A
Time: instant

Alternative Payment Methods

  • Paypal-100x100sa

    PayPal doesn't really require a lot of introduction. Founded in 1998, PayPal has since become a juggernaut on online payment.

  • Neteller-100x100sa

    Neteller is an online payment system with an extensive history. It combines flexibility and security with ease of use.

  • Bitcoin-100x100sa

    Bitcoin is one of the most famous and popular cryptocurrencies in the world.



Being portrayed as an easy-to-use and relatively cheap monetary transfer service, Skrill has a very good reputation for keeping your details and actual money safe. Reputation is one of the top-rated aspects of this brand- up there with PayPal. Most top bookmakers will support the use of Skrill with their betting endeavours and it is a universal method of payment.

Whilst possibly being expensive on the transferring and depositing side of things (which is a con for betting) they allow free money receiving from other people. This could put many punters off when picking a method to use with their betting. The speed of the service, however, is a different story- it is slick and fast to use giving you value for your fees.

Skrill is a great service which could be a bit let down by the fees, but still a good way to pay if the fees don’t bother you as much.

3 ratings, average 5 out of 5

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