Venmo Betting Sites in the Philippines

What can be said about this new payment system? Venmo payment startup is highly regarded by the parent company PayPal. Representatives of PayPal note that the payment application is very popular among young people, who often use this system to make simple money transfers. So many Venmo users call it one of the “gems” of PayPal. However, it seems that Venmo isn’t all that popular with many sportsbooks that work with the Philippines

Let’s take a closer look at the topics covered in this article:

  • Best bookmakers working with Venmo.
  • The main characteristics of the payment system.
  • Venmo Security
  • How To Obtain Venmo?
  • How to deposit for playing in an online casino.
  • Times, Fees And Limits.
  • Conclusion.

List of Venmo Accepted Betting Sites

Found 1 bookmakers


  • Decent reputation
  • OK odds
  • Native bookmaker
  • No bonuses
  • Cash-only payments
  • Credit Card
  • VISA
  • Webmoney
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Venmo

Advantages & limitations

The interface is made in the style of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which is as simple as possible for beginners, which allows you to understand the insider lines of this payment system quickly. Just send or request payment with a message or a combination of emojis of your choice, and then comment and share memories about it.

venmo advantages disadvantages

However, this company has significant disadvantages.



Transactions take 1-2 business days

Poor protection and privacy policy for client data

Support is considered one of the worst

How To Make A Deposit

Venmo is a mobile payment system belonging to PayPal. Therefore, Venmo account owners can transfer money with one condition – the sender and the recipient must be the residents of the United States.

Before making a deposit, make sure that you have enough cash on your account.
Registration at Venmo can be done in two quick steps.

Go to and fill the required fields

Confirm your identity and complete registration

Are Venmo sportsbooks in the Philippines safe?

Many might think that since PayPal has to do with security, everything is ideal. However, this applies exclusively to retailers. Since Venmo uses PayPal, the same virtual protections will be available for it as for retailers. As for PayPal Protection, Venmo offers its almost identical security policy. The main problem with Venmo's entire protection is that PayPal Purchase Protection does not apply to buyers in this case.

The main danger of this payment system is the disclosure of the private information of its owner. Venmo account holders can transfer funds to other users. The application has many vulnerabilities, including a problem in which the user's actions and transactions are disclosed to others if the factory settings are not changed. From this, we can conclude that security is at a fairly low level.

Times, Fees And Limits

To assess the actual benefits of any payment system is the presence or absence of commissions for money transfers, limits, etc. The amount of withdrawal of cash deposits is very important, of course, for each bookmaker these figures will be very overwhelming, therefore we will consider the example of the main bookmaker companies.

There are certain payment restrictions:

  1. Sending limit, $ 2,999,99 per week.
  2. Authorized trade payments, $ 2,000 per purchase, 30 transactions per day.
  3. Venmo Mastercard, $ 3,000 per purchase; ATM, daily withdrawal limit of $ 400.
  4. Weekly limit, only $ 4,999.99.

How To Obtain Venmo?

To use all the features of the payment service, you require to have a Vento account. Authorization is free from the website. The customer can set up a profile with his Facebook login or e-mail address. For this reason, you can start to accept money or make inquiries on supported platforms.
You can register in the Venmo app on the App Store or Google Play. After completing this procedure, you just have to click on the PayPal button in your mobile web browser to start making withdrawals/deposits.


When choosing a payment system, we will pursue two important goals – security and convenience. Venmo is definitely not the most convenient, but also not a complicated way to interact with bookmakers, but the Venmo service still reveals the data of its users. Do read this circumstance when choosing a payment system.


? Is there a way to examine the Venmo API apart from from the US or on frameworks other than the iPhone?

Venmo is currently blocking IP addresses outside the United States. Use a VPN or proxy to enter Venmo from outside the US.

? What should I do if I can’t get the access token for my Venmo account?

Unfortunately, the Venmo API is no longer accessible for new developers.

? Venmo does not allow you to send funds from the business to customers, does it?

Venmo does not allow sending money from the business to clients. To finish the payment using the application, you will need to embed your account information in the application itself, which would be a security disaster.

? How to reset Venmo password if you forgot it?

If your personal data is in danger, then you can change your password. This can be done in the special tab “Edit profile” located in the upper right corner of the window.

? How to increase limits on the use of funds in your wallet?

Even after confirmation, you cannot increase your limit. Venmo’s policy is to reject all requests to increase the limit.

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