Credit Card Betting Sites in the Philippines

The betting world is a big one- and the Philippines is no different from other countries in terms of the bookmaking industry. The future is here and rather than physically using money to put your stakes in sportspeople and sports teams, we have moved onto using credit cards and digital money transferring. In this article, Mightytips will be looking into credit card-using bookmakers in the Philippines and more to do with digital cash payment. Covered in this article will be each informative point that will ensure you’ll be more comfortable with this topic;

  • Bookies in the Philippines
  • Using, and obtaining a credit card
  • Limits and precaution

All of the above will be covered at some point during this article, precisely and in-depth for extra understanding.

List of Credit Card Accepted Betting Sites

Found 6 bookmakers


  • Decent reputation
  • OK odds
  • Native bookmaker
  • No bonuses
  • Cash-only payments
  • Credit Card
  • VISA
  • Webmoney
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Venmo

22bet and Credit Cards

Established in 2017. Being fairly new, his bookmaker has scored a 7.8/10 on our reviews. The payment methods, of course, include credit cards. Eligible card payment methods include Mastercard, Maestro, Visa. It offers immediate deposit time meaning it will not waste your time. Withdrawal will take either 1 minute to seven days depending on which method you are using. The company operates in the Philippines.


100% UP TO $122 (~6028 PHP)

To deposit or withdraw using a credit card, simply go to your available payment methods on the website or in the application on your phone, choose your preferred card, and then input the required data. This process is generally very fast and doesn't take much time.

Advantages & limitations

Your credit card will allow you to pay online from home, without having to go into a betting shop or bookmakers’ to give your money in for your selected matches and fixtures meaning less wasted time plus less hassle. As well as that, you would also be able to quickly withdraw any cashback you may have during fixtures if you sense something could go wrong- meaning the cash will return back to your account with no problems and little time wasted. You could also keep track of your spendings with your bank account, meaning you’ll be able to keep it under secure watch in case you begin overdoing it. If any accidents happen using your card, you can report it easily to your bank for legal action.

credit card advantages disadvantages

As for the disadvantages, if you aren’t careful, your interest rates could shoot up with excessive use of your card for betting and other gambling resources that require its use. Some banks are working to eliminate the use of credit cards to use with gambling- additional fees (like that of what you pay for using a paid ATM) are being instilled into cards if you are to use your card to deposit money into any gambling resource. Another disadvantage may be that you could spend your savings without meaning to- most gambling problems come from relentless spending which will send you on a debt spiral.



Interest rates

Refusal of some banks to process gambling-related transfers

Is using the credit card safe?

As described before, your responsibility determines how safe it is to actually use your credit card for betting and gambling. Overuse and a lack of understanding of how much money comes in and out of your card can be fatal. On the other hand, there are some other factors you should consider before using a credit card to bet. Services such as PayPal add an extra layer of security to your transactions, some betting services may not accept it though.

To combat irresponsible betting, some companies have instilled a limit to how much you can use on your account such as William Hill who offer several ideals to protect your account, prevent underage gambling, and making everything fair. But not everything is based on the bookmaker, you must take responsibility too.

Referring back to the first paragraph, if the observation of your card’s financial activity is consistent, you’ll be able to carefully manage your balance, making it safe. Suspicious transactions can always be reported to your bank and the police would be able to be involved to solve your problem- making it even safer in this scenario. The support of your bank will usually be swift and responsive, including phone calls with bank workers to have a chat about what you could do.

How to obtain a credit card?

First off it’s ideal you start off with a savings account. In addition to this, a very stable source of income is the best way to begin showing your money management is good- at least P15,000 a month will be enough. A balance of P20,000 for six or more months in your savings account is in addition, another great way to express your management skills.

A good credit profile is again, a very attractive source of information for a bank. Your chances of being approved are much bigger and better as you show you’re becoming more responsible for holding a credit card of your own.

Usually, banks will contact you with offers for credit cards. Should you choose to apply you must then wait for a reply as they study your savings balance, flow and income/debt ratio. You must keep a better income to debt ratio in order to have an attractive balance.

How to make a deposit

Using a credit card for betting could be confusing for some, especially if it is your first time. Here we’ll explain how you could use your card to deposit some money into your betting account. It is relatively easy to do, with there being plenty of support to help you as you go along on decent betting websites.

  • Creating an account with money transferring service is the way to go first to ensure your security and swift deposits. Services like Moneygram, Western Union or PayPal are recommended. The betting website’s information could be used to check with the service.
  • You would then proceed by saving your details with the money transfer service. This will allow you to use the service any other time you want to bet instead of entering the information all over again.
  • Next, you will need to obtain and use information from the betting outlet/casino and successfully have it checked with the money transferring service. If it is secure you are then able to make a money deposit.
  • Next, you may confirm sending your money to your deposit account on the website, and you’re ready to go.

Limits, fees & withdrawal times

The deposit speed with the usage of a credit card is often pretty quick. Thanks to credit cards we don’t need to leave the house to go to a Bookmakers’ and hand over cash. With betting, there are definitely fees included which you should consider. Limits are also around to stop irresponsible betting and overspending on bets. In the table below you should find some quality information regarding the speed, fees and limits on the selected bookmakers that you could use.

Deposit Times, Fees & Limits

Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max



1.00 USD



1.00 USD



1.00 USD

Withdrawal Times, Fees & Limits

Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max


between 1 minute and 7 days

1.50 USD


between 1 minute and 7 days

1.50 USD


between 1 minute and 7 days

1.50 USD

Alternative Payment Methods

  • Skrill is one of the world’s largest payment processing systems online and is supported in many countries all over the world.

  • PayPal doesn't really require a lot of introduction. Founded in 1998, PayPal has since become a juggernaut on online payments, which includes betting.

  • Bitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world.



This article fully explained how we view credit card usage for betting in the Philippines. A credit card can be an ideal way to ensure a secure, flexible, fast and innovative betting experience online. 22bet and Bet365 being two of the top bookies in the Philippines, it is recommended that you give those two a try.
Obtaining a card in the Philippines requires a good account balance and responsible maintenance of money in your savings account. Responsible betting is a must when it comes to using your card as you’re at risk of using your general savings, and going into debt. Bookmakers will integrate limiting into your accounts in order to combat this, meaning you are able to be stopped should you go overboard with betting.

To conclude this informative guide, we believe using your credit card relies partially on your responsibility and money handling as well as the security of bookmakers and the money transfer services.


? What if i lose my credit card?

You will need to immediately report the theft/loss of your card to your credit card issuer. You can then cancel it and negotiate a replacement. This could come at a cost depending on which credit card supplier you are with.

? If I have any problems with processing my deposits, what do I do?

Contact the bookmaker’s support service to see if there have been any technical problems, if not, report your problem toa their support so that they can help you. If this doesn’t work you can check with your money transferring service and alert their security support.

? If there are any technical issues with a bookmaker’s website, what should I do?

Again, alerting the technical support service from the respective bookmaker’s site would be the best idea in order to eliminate any bugs, unfairness or glitches that may throw a cog into their works.

? If my deposit or betting limit is reached for a bookmaker, what do I do?

We would advise you to stop betting for a while until you think it is safe to do so again. Money is an important aspect of life management and should be taken very seriously.

? How do I open a savings account?

You’d need to gather all your personal information. Then the funding comes along- you’ll have to save money up in order to fund the account. If you visit a bank website online there should be an easy option to set one up with plenty of support available.

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