What Is a Moneyline Bet? – ML Explanation [2024]

Evelyn Balyton

Evelyn Balyton

What is moneyline betting

When it comes to the online sports betting area, there is an array of types of wagers you can place. Interestingly, points spreads and over/unders are among the most popular wagers existing. Also, lots of players enjoy Asian handicap betting, futures bets, prop bets, and a lot of others. And to that list, we can definitely add moneyline bets. This article is fully devoted to moneyline betting, so it makes sense to get betting moneyline explained to our readers. Wondering what is a moneyline bet in american football? How do those wagers work with other sports types? You got it! Anyway, we truly hope you enjoy reading this sports betting moneyline guide, so let’s get started!

What is a Moneyline Bet in American Football?

What is a moneyline bet in American football? Whether you’re a soccer/American football fan or want to place moneyline bets on other sports, you have to be aware of the definition and main concept of moneyline betting.

So, basically, those bets are wagers that you place on a team or a player that you think will win the match. So, if there’s the “What is a moneyline bet in american football?” question in your head, the answer is right in front of you. You’ll have to place a bet on the winning soccer team in order to succeed. Once the match ends, the bet is graded in one of three following ways:

  • Win. The team you selected won, and the bookmaker returns the stake value plus the winnings.
  • Loss. The team you selected lost, and the bookmaker keeps the stake value to itself.
  • Draw. The game ended in a tie, and the bookmaker returns the stake value like the wager was never made. You don’t lose but you don’t win either.

What Does Moneyline Mean in Basketball Betting?

You may have the “What does moneyline mean in basketball betting?” too. Just like with soccer or any other sport, moneylines in basketball are wagers you place on who you think will win the game. It does not matter how many points a particular team scores or what occurrences happened or didn’t happen during the match. For example, it makes no difference if a selected team wins with 1 or 100 points. So, what does moneyline mean in basketball betting? It simply means you have to guess the winner correctly regardless of all the other factors.

Which Sports Support Moneyline Betting?

We already got betting moneyline explained, and now we can move on straight to the part where we discuss what sports are the most popular when it comes to placing moneyline wagers.

Obviously, since we mentioned those two, football and basketball are those sports that are in demand the most when it comes to placing a moneyline sports bet. Then, we have baseball and ice hockey. Also, you can enjoy sports betting moneyline with such individual sports as MMA, tennis, and golf.

How Does Moneyline Betting Work: Tips for Moneyline Betting

Even though for some bettors, moneyline in sports betting may seem tough to tackle but it is considered to be a balance between risks and rewards. In order to succeed and place a winning moneyline bet, we have some tips for you - keep them in mind as they can be pretty useful.

  1. First of all, answer the “What is moneyline in betting?” - it is extremely important to understand what type of a wager this is and how it works. Basically, you’re doing great at this point since you’re reading this article that explains the answer to the ”How does moneyline betting work?”.
  2. The long-term approach to moneyline in sports betting is the key. Don’t worry if you lose just one game! Let’s just say that you can lose more than half of your wagers and still manage to make money if you win the right matches. Create your own tracking system so that you know when you get the money and when it’s gone + don’t forget to include how much money that was. This way, you can track your progress and see if you lost or won more. Let’s just say that if you bet on each of the 10 NFL games. For example, if you lose six games with a $50 wager, it makes it -$300. But if you win four games with an average of 170+, you can still come out ahead - even though the number of winning games is smaller, the profit is bigger.
  3. Don’t neglect favorites but make a choice carefully. Some punters may think that a moneyline sports bet is not worth it unless you bet favorites. But it’s not always true. Perhaps, it’s good to steer cleer of favorites in the -250-300 range because it’s exactly the sport where upsets are possible, so it really makes no sense to place a wager that can return only a third of your cash. Anyway, you can consider giving away some points if you want to bet favorites - this strategy for betting on moneyline may increase your payout values.
  4. A multi-team parlay with moneyline sports bet favorites is another move that can turn out to be pretty profitable.

Betting on Moneyline: Final Thoughts

Let’s say it one more time. What is moneyline in betting? This is a type of bet that you place on a certain team or player that you think is going to win the game or match. Basically, it does not matter how many points were scored or what exactly happened during the event - all that matters is who turns out to be the winner in the end.

How does moneyline betting work? You place a wager, wait for the outcome of the game, and see which way your bet goes: it may go with the win, lose, or draw results. To conclude, this is one of the most popular and easiest bet types that exist in the sports betting industry. But there are some good strategies that can help you succeed, and we’ve presented some of them. So, pay attention to those tips, manage your bankroll carefully, and be a responsible bettor.


? How does moneyline betting work?

When you place a moneyline wager, you bet on which team is going to win the game.

? What sports can I place a moneyline bet on?

You can place those wagers on many sports but football/soccer, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey are the most popular ones for betting on moneyline.

? What results can bettors expect from a moneyline wager?

The bet can result in one of the following ways: win, loss, and draw.