How to Bet on NBA Props?

Evelyn Balyton

Evelyn Balyton

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Looking for the ultimate NBA betting guide on prop wagering? Look no further! Below we explain the concept of player prop bets in the NBA and why it proves such a popular market among sports bettors.

NBA prop bets, short for proposition bets, are wagers placed on specific events or outcomes that may occur during an NBA game. These can range from individual player performances, such as how many points a certain player will score, to team-specific events like which team will score first.

While traditional bets involve predicting which team will win, prop bets allow bettors to hone in on specific elements of the game and make predictions based on those.

It is a novel way to back your hunch and opens up an entirely new world of betting opportunities.

Player Prop Bets for NBA

There are lots of different prop betting methods on the NBA, but the most popular Tether sports betting options in this market focuses on individual player performance metrics.

Some examples of player prop bets include:

  • Points Over/Under: This is one of the most common and straightforward player prop bets in the NBA. Your bookmaker sets a total number of points for a specific player and bettors can place a wager on whether they think that player will score over or under that amount.
  • Rebounds Over/Under: Got a tall player on the team? Bet on how many rebounds they will have in a game. This NBA players prop bet is sometimes called the Big Man Bet in the NBA, because those who are known for their rebounding abilities are usually over 6’5.
  • Assists Over/Under: Like the look of a playmaker against a porous franchise? This prop bet focuses on how many assists a player will record in a game. It can be challenging to predict, but if you know a player is going up against a defence that struggles to defend the pick and roll, this could be a profitable bet.
  • Three-Pointers Made Over/Under: With the rise of three-point shooting in the NBA, this has become a popular prop bet for players who are known for their long-range shooting abilities. Bettors can wager on whether they think a player will make over or under a certain number of threes in a game.
  • Double-Double or Triple-Double: This prop bet combines multiple stats categories, such as points and rebounds or points, rebounds, and assists. Bettors can place a wager on whether they think a player will have a double-double (10 or more in two categories) or a triple-double (10 or more in three categories) in a game. This can be a risky bet, but the potential payout is often higher

These are just five examples, but there are lots others to explore.

Lots of betting enthusiasts like to place prop bets with bonus funds–there are always easy to find bonuses for all types of betting. There is a sense of freedom when placing a bet with bonus funds–it’s a free shot at boosting your balance.

NBA Prop Picks

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It’s not just in the NBA where Prop Picks can be found. There are also some interesting PBA betting odds available, while NBA all-star game prop bets are another popular avenue to pursue.

Looking for some opportunities to put your new-found betting knowledge into practice?

First, you need to put in the work.

To make a profit when betting on Prop Bets, a lot of research is required. And in a sport like the NBA, data matters. It matters a lot.

Look into a player’s league form, how they match-up against certain opponents, and how they perform against a certain team or at a particular league venue. In elite-level sport, the tiniest edge can have a significant impact, especially when considering the narrow betting lines.

For example, say you have backed LeBron James to score more than 32.5 points against the Golden State Warriors, a point or two could be the difference. It’s a high line. But this is LeBron James. He’s capable. The difference could be how many shots he gets off against this particular defence. Or how much space he’s allowed to shoot from the edge of the arc.

Odds for NBA props

Much like a betting handicap in basketball, or any other market, NBA prop odds are set by knowledgeable traders, all of whom use experience and industry practices to provide fair prices to customers. Like any other type of sports betting, there are certain factors that influence the odds and ultimately impact the potential payout.

Stats, such as a player's scoring average, assists per game, rebounds per game, and other individual performance metrics, are used by oddsmakers to determine the likelihood of a certain event happening within a game.

Teams that have strong chemistry and play well together are more likely to have successful outcomes, which can influence the odds for individual player prop bets.

Other factors, including recent injury record, divisional standings, and match-up history also comes into the odds-making procedure.



What is prop betting in the NBA?

Prop betting, short for proposition betting, is a type of bet that involves placing wagers on specific events or outcomes within an NBA game instead of just the final score.


How do I place a prop bet in the NBA?

To place a prop bet, you can either go to a sportsbook or use an online betting platform. Choose the game and then select from the various prop bet options available.


What are some common types of prop bets in the NBA?

Common types of prop bets in the NBA include player performance (points, rebounds, assists), team performance (total points scored), and game-specific events (first scorer, total three-pointers made).


Are prop bets more difficult to win compared to traditional bets?

Prop bets can be more difficult to win due to the specific nature of the outcomes being wagered on. However, with proper research and understanding of the game, they can also lead to higher payouts.


Is it legal to place prop bets on NBA games?

The legality of prop betting on NBA games varies depending on your location. Some states in the US have legalized sports betting, while others still consider it illegal. Make sure to check your local laws before placing any bets.