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MegaSportsWorld bookmaker review June 2021



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MSW Usability



The MSW bookmaker is the first Philippine-based betting platform that was fully accredited under the recent strict national PAGCOR regulations.

MegaSportsWorld is a classic example of an offline bookmaker with a secondary website. Bets can be placed and confirmed only physically at the local outlets. Similarly, to sign up, one has to present a personal ID (21+ age required) to a cashier, place a bet or make a minimal deposit of 100 PHP, and receive an RFID chip.

Accordingly, the site’s main goal is simply to monitor the coming events and show relevant odds – plainly used as a bet calculator, no online stakes are available.



No ongoing promotional offers [June 2020]

Only real cash offline payments supported

MSW Odds


Compared to international bookmakers, MegaSportsWorld’s odds are regarded as advantageous strictly in the area of Philippinean sports events. Taking the USA NBA League as an example, it is likely that more profitable betting conditions are offered by other betting companies. However, stakes on Philippine national boxing or sabong (cockfighting) are presumably extremely promising in terms of the margins.

Tip: always verify the current odds of an event in a MSW kiosk: either ask an MSW representative or visit the site right before confirming the stake.

MSW Mobile


MSW Mobile

The MegaSportsWorld mobile application for iOS & Android can be installed as a part of the VIP Premier Service. To qualify, a punter must be able to sustain a sum of 10 thousand pesos in betting circulation for two successive months. A valuable piece of functionality is gained: wagers will be accepted via the video-call system ingrained in the app (after verifying your identity in the first place).

Despite having a website, MSW Philippines allows placing bets only through their physical store.

Obviously, the entering requirement is far from feasible for many of the players – therefore, nothing more than sticking to the customary site-kiosk model can be proposed.

MSW Bonuses & Promotions


A considerable downside of the MSW betting platform is a lack of bonuses and promotional codes. Even though rare promotional actions, such as free bets distribution of 2011, were introduced in the past, there haven’t been any promotions in a long time.

Given that fresh bonuses always boost the common stance on a bookie and creatively transform the betting routine, the MightyTips experts express our solemn hopes of future changes in the rewards policy. Still, the absence of such benefits may be tied to the rigorous restrictions of the Philippinean PAGCOR agency license.

Since MegaSportsWorld activities are currently down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking forward to revisiting the bookmaker when it opens. Maybe this forced break will make the company reconsider its position on bonuses and promotions.

BookmakerWelcome BonusFree bet bonusAccumulator bonus
20betup to $100up to €1,000
Melbetup to 5600 PHP$6 free betplace 7 or more bets
22betup to 7500 PHPplace 7 or more bets
GGbetup to $250up to $20

Types of Bets


Single and accumulator alone are supported – the minimum sum to stake per bet is ₱100 for outlets and terminals or 1,000 for MVP Service participants. No maximum stake amount is designated.

Mega Sports World Virtual sports are hosted as well with the least acceptable sum of just 10 pesos. The soonest virtual games to start can be found in the right part of the page, under the bet slip window. In addition, so-called “Outrights” can be bet on, which means wagering on the active tournaments’ results.

You can find a considerable variety of sports on the MSW betting website.

Apart from the local types of sports, 18 international categories of standard and virtual sports are upheld on a regular basis. Some of them are:

  • NBA Basketball
  • UFC
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Motor Sports & etc.

Still, the accessible types of events tend to be dynamic due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other unpredictable factors.

League of Legends



Horse Racing










The MegaSportsWorld betting site is the only Philippine bookmaker to be completely registered in accordance with the “stern” national regulatory guidelines. The prominent accreditation happened in 2019. Additionally, we have not found any truly backed critical articles against the MSW. 

Nonetheless, the news of June 2020 about the PAGCOR Corporation and POGO (their subdivision) concerning the secret tax schemes and the majority of Chinese office workers raises doubt about the clarity of MegaSportsWorld accountability to the Philippine law. 

 The conflict goes on today, and no solid conclusions can be made now. Yet, the longstanding criticism of the bookmaker’s main supervisor is never a good thing. Therefore, stay alert.

Payment Methods


We already know that the bookmaker’s range of online functions is very limited. Similar to the registration process, the only way to deposit funds to your account is offline: at any MSW outlet, cash transactions in Philippine peso only are accepted. Also, be wary of the 20% governmental tax imposed on all separate winnings of more than PHP 10,000.

The map of nearest MegaSportsWorld branches can be viewed in the “Store Locator” tab on the official site. Notably, under the new SBPA regulations, the deposit; withdrawal operations can only be processed in the outlet where the user was initially registered – reassuringly, the MSW claims the measures are temporary.

All winnings are credited straight to your account at the end of the day – further on, you can withdraw the money at a valid outlet. Although minimal payouts are not emphasized, single maximum payouts are clearly defined, varying between PHP 500 thousand and 2,5 million.



MSW Support

To get assistance, players may contact the MegaSportsWorld Customer Support via the following methods:

  • Phone Hotline (24/7)
  • E-mail 
  • MSW Video Call Service (VIP only)

Sadly, the betting site does not provide for a live chat – probably the most convenient way to get online support. However, bearing in mind that MSW bookmaker builds a lot of the functionality on video and phone calls, the hotline assistance managers are swift and professional in their conduct.




Live chat

Response timeinstant2 hours0

This info about support was last updated:



Summing up, the Mega Sports World Philippine bookmaker is, frankly, not for everyone. Surely, there are people who would like to bet offline, which is usually accompanied by live communication, friends, and an indispensable feeling of paper banknotes in your hand.


No bonuses

Cash-only payments

However, with the ubiquitous presence of modern online bookmakers of offshore origin and worldwide reputation, the ultimate choice of a bookmaker is clear for lots of reasonable young bettors. 

At the end of the day, we do not give a readymade solution but let you make a choice for yourself. 


? How to cancel a bet on MegaSportsWorld?
As the bookmaker puts it, there is no way to revoke a stake once it was created. In case the game you wagered on was voided due to external reasons and the cash was not returned yet, the MSW call center specialists are here to help you.
? How reputable is MegaSportsWorld in Philippines?
A massive public corruption scandal around the national PAGCOR service, ruled under the Office of the President of the Philippines and issuing the license to MSW bookmaker company, unfolds just now, in the summer of 2020.

We do not wish to judge with premature claims, but just be wary about the uncertainty hovering above the topic.
? What are active promotions on MegaSportsWorld?
Sadly, we have not detected any relevant promotions held by the bookmaker. Our email with an inquiry regarding their bonus policy was left unanswered too.

We hope the situation gets changed soon!
? How to register on MegaSportsWorld?
To sign up for MSW, you must visit a legal branch in the Philippines – luckily, there are 107 offices at the moment. After a thorough review of two of your government-issued IDs with photo and signature, you have to place a stake or replenish the new account for activation purposes.
? How to download the MegaSportsWorld mobile app?
Offered exclusively to MSW VIP members, the app can be downloaded from the “Contact Us” section of the mobile website version. The app gives the MVP bettors an opportunity to confirm bets without going to the outlets: a fast video call with an assisting agent is enough now.

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Konstantin Terekhin

Hey everyone, I’m Konstantin Terekhin. Being actively involved in sports predictions since my teenage years because of my father's prolonged betting career, I completed a 1-year apprenticeship as a customer support communicator and then worked for 2 years at different worldwide bookmaking companies taking various customer specialist roles.

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