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If you are a betting enthusiast, then you’re familiar with how difficult it is to come by reliable sources about betting, bookmakers and any other relevant information. There are just so many wrong betting-related facts that sometimes you can’t help but feel very annoyed. And we’re with you on this.

That’s why MightyTips.ph is your reliable source of betting news. Our team of expert reviewers is at your service. We provide you with honest reviews of bookmakers and their mobile applications along with the latest info on bonuses and industry news.

For many years, betting has been our preferred hobby and area of expertise. And now it’s time for us to share all of this with you right here, at MightyTips.ph.

What we do

  • Fair sportsbook and app reviews

    All bookmakers on our website are being objectively and thoroughly reviewed based on different areas and criteria. We believe you have the right to know everything about a place where you might spend your money.

  • Reviews of bonuses

    Along with sportsbook reviews, we provide you with the most relevant information on what bonuses are available at each bookmaker. So that you could make more informed decisions.

  • Reviews of sports

    You’ll find information about the most popular sports in the context of betting. In our reviews, you will find featured bookmakers that accept bets on the sport along with interesting facts.

  • Reviews of payment methods

    Available payment methods are an important part of your betting experience. Our reviews describe the intricacies behind the most popular payment systems and provide you with a list of bookmakers that accept them.

We are betting experts.
Bettors, designers, authors, content managers, programmers – and everyone else who creates an outstanding project that is MightyTips. We are people from many countries united by our passion and willingness to make sports betting more accessible for like-minded people.

Our authors

We are always open to criticism and suggestions. If you think that you can in any way improve our content, feel free to contact us using the form below.

Our authors

  • Adam Bloszko

    Hello everyone! I’m Adam Bloszko, I do journalism work and writing for several websites. I specialise in writing articles on transfer rumours, new technologies being instilled into sports, and dissecting how transfers are most likely to work out in the world of football. I’m always interested in how transfers within…

  • Evelyn Balyton

    Last 2 years I’m assisting with reviewing online casinos, bookmakers and sharing useful information for gamblers. My hobbies are cycling, horse riding and a beloved one – video games. I used to work as a Project manager but found the office job too boring, so I quit and tried myself…

  • Vadims Mikeļevičs

    Greetings. I am Vadims Mikeļevičs, and I am – along with my many colleagues – responsible for bonuses’ and bookmaker reviews and other content of the website. I am writing templates for new articles, expanding the current database of reviews, creating briefs for our experts and doing basically anything else…

  • Konstantin Terekhin

    Hey everyone, I’m Konstantin Terekhin. Being actively involved in sports predictions since my teenage years because of my father’s prolonged betting career, I completed a 1-year apprenticeship as a customer support communicator and then worked for 2 years at different worldwide bookmaking companies taking various customer specialist roles. Now, serving…

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