The Best Betting Sites that Accept Visa


The most popular payment method online across the world is by far the Visa card. This method is available to VISA bookmakers in the Philippines in two separate forms, the Visa Credit card and the Visa Debit card. Visa is the most popular cardholder worldwide, providing more debit and credit cards than its competitors.

All online Visa bookmakers accept Debit cards but since April 14th 2020, credit card transactions have been banned for online gambling so these Visa credit cards are no longer accepted, this is due to the fact that a player could run up a huge debt on these credit cards and rely on winning bets to pay this off.

Visa is by far the most popular payment method in the United Kingdom but also has global users due to the fact that they are accepted in so many places. The card is usually connected to a bank or other financial institution, ensuring the safety of your money.

List of VISA Betting Sites

Found: 5 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim
1 GGbet

125% bonus up to PHP 10,000

2 1xbet


3 20bet

Welcome bonus up to 60 PHP

4 22bet


5 Ivibet

100% first deposit bonus up to $150


A simple google search will send you to the website to obtain your first VISA card. Alternatively, visit your bank and they will set this up for you. The process is simple, provide some details and your card will be on the way to you in now time!

How to make a deposit via VISA

Paying with Visa is extremely simple. Simply login to your account, press deposit and enter your card details and you’re good to go!

  1. Log into your account and press the deposit button in the top right of the page.
  2. Enter the amount that you wish to deposit and select VISA/Mastercard before clicking continue.
  3. Here it will ask you for the amount and your details, fill in the card number and expiration date along with the CVV ( last 3 digit number on the back of the card) and you are good to go.


Is Visa safeVISA is one of the safest payment methods as there are several safeguards in place to ensure your details cannot be stolen. In addition to this, if you lose your card, you can cancel it with your bank instantly and stop a thief stealing your money.

The websites and VISA sportsbooks recommended by us also help protect your data, we ensure that each website operates in SSL mode. You should always check for the lock at the top of the browser, before the website URL too.

VISA Betting Sites
🏙️ Founded: 1958
💻 Coverage: International
💳 Type: Credit Card, Debit Card
🗺️ Supported in...: Asia-Pacific, North America, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East
📱 Has a dedicated app: Yes (Android / iOS)
💯 Processing fee: No fee
Transaction speed: Instant

VISA Sportsbooks

GGBet is a devoted esports wagering bookmaker that covers all the significant games and markets. It was set up in August 2016, when they took their first esports wagers, the website remains a popular choice. GGBetesports was set up solely to take bets on games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and significantly more amongst which Dota 2 is on top of the list. This bookmaker features a jovial burst of colors that looks thrilling.

As it is probably the most famous payment method around the world, it is easy to find VISA betting sites.


With $10 (~495 PHP) minimum deposit, GGbet isn't overly greedy when it comes to you giving it money for the first time. The process is fairly simple: just choose the available payment methods and input the required data into fields, and you're done.
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VISA Advantages & limitations


There are so many positives to using VISA as your payment method to gamble with. Starting off, the funding is almost instant. Rather than having to wait days and even weeks with methods such as checks, VISA deposits your money at a high speed, meaning that you are able to gamble within minutes of your transaction being processed.

Also, it is so easy to get a replacement card with VISA. If you lose your card the bank will rush a new one to you and you will have it ready within as little as one day. Reach out to your bank and they will send you a card immediately, ensuring that you are never stuck without your payment method.

Most of the betting sites that accept VISA offer it not only as a deposit option, but also as a way to withdraw your money.

VISA cards are also usable with Apple Pay, meaning that you don’t even need your card to deposit as long as the details are saved on your phone!
Visa advantages and limitations


Despite its advantages, some gambling sites charge deposit fees when using your VISA card. However, the ones that we have suggested above do not do so! But be wary of other gambling sites, who may try to catch you out.

Furthermore, sometimes your card may be declined on gambling websites. Whilst this can be frustrating, a call to the card issuer or bank can solve this problem fairly quickly.



May be fees


As one of the advantages of VISA was the quick deposit times, this will take 1-2 minutes on popular sites such as 22Bet shown above. It is difficult to find a website that will take longer than this! The withdrawal process will take a maximum of 5 working days but can take as short as one day to process and be back on your card.

The bookmakers used to charge a 5% fee on VISA Credit cards, but as these are no longer supported you do not have to worry about this! All the websites suggested here charge no fees.

Bookmaker VISA Credit Card Bank Wire Bitcoin
Min: $50
Max: $5,000
Time: instant
Min: $50
Max: $5,000
Time: instant
Min: $1,000
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $20
Max: $500,000
Time: instant
Min: $2
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $2
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: N/A
Max: N/A
Time: bank dependent
Min: $6
Max: N/A
Time: N/A
Min: $1
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $1
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $1
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: $1
Max: N/A
Time: instant

Alternative payment options

  • Skrill-100x100sa

    Skrill is a hugely popular option. It is an accessible and safe way to manage your funds.

  • Mastercard-100x100sa

    An alternative to VISA, MasterCard is widely accepted payment option that allows almost instant deposits and withdrawals.

  • Paypal-100x100sa

    A long-standing member of payment processors, PayPal can be a safe and handy method to fund your account.



It is clear to see why VISA is the most trusted and popular payment method in the world, and will soon be in the Philippines. They are safe, secure and fast when it comes to depositing. Go online or contact your bank to get a VISA card today and start gambling safely!


? What perks does VISA offer?

Depending on the circumstances, VISA may offer cashbacks from the purchase you have made. It also may offer plain discounts.

? Can I have a prepaid VISA card?

Yes, VISA offers prepaid cards. So you can have all the benefits of the card without any worries!

? How many types of VISA cards exist?

Classic, Electron, Corporate, Infinite, Platinum and Signature.

? Are There Any Fees?

Depending on your bank, there might be transaction fees.

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