What Is Round Betting? Or how to bet on boxing rounds

Evelyn Balyton

Evelyn Balyton

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Ding ding–seconds out!

There’s no time to waste on the stall - put your gum shield back in, wipe away the sweat, and get stuck into our full breakdown of round betting in boxing.

You will be fighting with the odds makers, and in this article, we will be breaking down how you can land haymakers by considering several factors and examining the different types of round bets available.

Round betting is where the bettor predicts which round the fight will end. This is different from other types of bets, such as predicting the winner or whether the fight will end in a knockout or decision.

You know the outline, but how can you turn a little knowledge into a lot of betting power?

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What is the meaning of bout betting in boxing

The bout betting meaning can be boiled down to predicting the round of an outcome of a bout, which is the term used to refer to a single match between two boxers.

The scope of bout betting is limited to the outcome of a single boxing match. This means that bettors are not placing bets on multiple bouts, but rather on individual fights.

In addition to predicting the overall result of a fight, bettors can also place bets on other aspects such as whether the fight will go the distance (all scheduled rounds) or if a specific boxer will win by knockout.

Unlike other sports betting options, such as live betting or prop bets, bout betting is solely focused on the outcome of the match. It makes for a simpler market to understand–your job is to pick the winner.

As we alluded to earlier, you can enjoy online MMA betting in this manner, too.

MMA Round Betting

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Much like bout betting in boxing, MMA Round Betting involves picking the winner, with the only discrepancy being the round element.

Instead of picking which fighter will win the clash outright, you are picking which round they will come out on top. In professional MMA, there are five rounds, so you the number of possible rounds is smaller than in a boxing bout.

Predicting when a fighter comes out on top is difficult in MMA, in part due to the variety of ways to take down an opponent. Doing your research on your fighter’s strengths and weaknesses and how they match-up against an opponent can really help you paint a picture of which round to pick.

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The Best Sportsbooks for Round Betting

There are so many strategic considerations when round betting on boxing or MMA. Firstly, you need to find value in the odds–so finding the right online betting sites in the Philippines is paramount.

Then it is about executing your research. For example, in boxing, if you know you have an aggressive big puncher looking for an early stoppage, it could be worth betting on them to score a first-round victory.

In MMA, if you have a grappler that likes to bide their time and wear down their opponents, perhaps it’s better to back them to come out on top later in the fight.

Look into the preferences of each fighter and see how they stack up.

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What is round betting in boxing and MMA?

Round betting refers to the act of placing a bet on which round a specific fight will end. This type of bet allows sports bettors to predict the exact outcome of a fight, rather than just picking the overall winner.


How does round betting work?

In round betting, each round is assigned a specific number, usually ranging from 1 to 12. The bettor must choose which round they believe the fight will end in, and if they are correct, they win the bet.


What factors should be considered when placing a round betting bet?

It is important to consider the fighters' styles, past performances, and any injuries or other variables that may affect the outcome of the fight.


Are there different types of round betting?

Yes, there are various types of round betting options available for boxing and MMA matches. Some common types include picking the exact round a fighter will win, predicting whether the fight will end in an odd or even round, and choosing the specific group of rounds that the fight will end in (e.g. rounds 7-9).


Is round betting a popular form of betting in boxing and MMA?

Yes, round betting is a popular and exciting way for sports bettors to add some extra excitement to their bets on boxing and MMA matches.