The Best Basketball NBA betting sites in the Philippines


If you want to know where to bet NBA games Philippines, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about the biggest basketball competition in the world, including how to find the best NBA betting sites and how to start betting on a league that has such passionate fans in many countries around the world.

We’ll cover several important topics to help those who are just starting out and wanting to know more about online NBA betting, as well as those already familiar but who want to find the best options. By the end of this article, you will have learned everything you need to start an NBA bet online.

List of NBA Betting Sites

Found: 11 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim
1 1xbet


2 20bet

Welcome bonus up to 60 PHP

3 Trustdice

Bonus up to 3BTC/150ETH

4 GGbet

125% bonus up to PHP 10,000

5 Ivibet

100% first deposit bonus up to $150

6 Betvisa

100% Welcome bonus up to 5000 PHP

7 22bet



100% bonus up to 2000 PHP

9 Melbet

100% first deposit bonus up to 5800 PHP

10 Megapari



Up to 100% Multi Bet Boosts

NBA betting – The ultimate guide


best nba betting sites

Every year, the best players in the world, in the best teams in the world, excite basketball fans in the NBA – the American Basketball League.

And the NBA is one of the most watched competitions in the Philippines, as basketball has grown a lot in recent years in the country and the passion for this sport has only grown over time.

If you are an NBA fan and want to learn how to start betting on American league matches, stay until the end of this guide.

What you need to know about NBA online betting

nba history of betting

The National Basketball League of the United States, known worldwide as the NBA, is the oldest basketball league in the world and also the most popular today. So it’s no surprise that, among the best basketball bookmakers, it’s also the most prominent competition.

Filipinos love basketball and they have a very popular national league, the PBA, which obviously took a lot of inspiration from the NBA.

In fact, for them, basketball has turned out to be more than just a sport. Often commercials and billboards feature national and international basketball stars. In addition, the local population is well known for loving basketball outfits, especially Kobe Bryant’s sneakers, for example.

  1. The PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) was created in 1975, being the first basketball league outside the US.
  2. According to Nike, the Philippines has the third-largest basketball market in the world.
  3. According to the NBA manager in the Philippines, the LA Lakers are the most popular NBA team in the country.
  4. More than 80% of Filipinos claim to be basketball fans.

And because they love the sport, many local fans also follow the NBA, which is broadcast on several national channels daily. And as good fans of the American League, they couldn’t help but enjoy doing online NBA bets as well.

Currently, there are several bookmakers that offer NBA betting in Philippines and local fans can choose from options that are more focused on the local market in addition to, of course, great international options.

The good news is that, as it is a growing market, there are more and more options for NBA betting websites that offer Philippine currency to facilitate the local population betting.

🏛️ First Introduced: (year) 1946
🏢 Overseeing Organisations: NBA
📶 Bookmaker Coverage: (high/low) High
Popular in: (countries) USA, Philippines, China, Canada
🌎 World Championship: -
🏅 Olympic Discipline: (yes/no) No

How to Bet on an NBA Betting Site Philippines

Today, sports betting is quite an easy process and doesn’t require much time to get ready, thanks to online platforms. Go through our step-by-step guide to start your NBA online betting venture in no time.

  1. Sign up with a bookmaker

    Check our list to choose a betting site. We recommend the best platforms operating in the Philippines. After deciding on one, you need to create an account by providing the required information. Please note that providing correct info is essential for account verification.

  2. Fund your account

    After registration, you can now make a deposit to fund your account at the bookmaker. Simply go to the relevant page for payments and choose your preferred payment method. Once you have set the amount, just click to confirm the transaction.

  3. Find the sport’s category

    The NBA, being a very popular competition, is usually among bookies’ featured events. In addition, you can find it in the list of available sports ‒ which is usually on the left side of the screen or above the matches available for betting.

  4. Place a bet

    To complete your bet, you must choose one of the available markets. The most common, certainly, is to bet on the winner of the match, which is very suitable for those who are starting out. Either way, choose the option you want to bet on, click on it and then enter a bet amount. Finalise your bet by clicking on the confirm button. After that, just wait for the game to start.

How to improve your bets on the NBA

If you’d like to get started with NBA online betting today, we’ve prepared four tips here so you don’t get lost. That way, you’ll know how to place your first sports bet.

  1. Understand the markets

    There are more options than just choosing the team that will win the match. The Over/Under market is very popular in basketball betting, but you need to understand what it is about before you actually bet. Never bet on a market that you don't fully understand. That is, know all the market options before choosing your final bet.

  2. Analyze the matches

    We can often think that one team is much higher than another and, with that, think that they will win the confrontation with ease. However, there are several factors that influence the result, not only the team on paper. Analyze the conditions of that specific match, if a team has major absences or any other problem that may influence the result, before finalizing your bet in the NBA.

  3. Enjoy the Bonuses

    A great way to improve your bets is to use bonuses and promos that bookmakers offer. Some bookmakers will offer increased odds on multiple bets, others have free bets on specific matches. If you use these bonuses, you will certainly be able to get the most out of each bet in the NBA.

Top 5 Bookies with Fastest Payouts and an NBA betting app

Having quick payouts is something very important for a bookie since what every bettor wants is to be able to see their profits without any problems or delay. Having access to quick payment methods and especially via an app is simply wonderful.

This is why we’ve separated some basketball betting apps that not only offer NBA betting but also have fast payouts.

Thus, you can bet on NBA games app and also withdraw your profit without worries. And that’s all through your smartphone.

Among the best options, we have separated five leading options:

  1. PNXbet ‒ The best app for NBA betting

    PNXbet is one of the main betting apps NBA, mainly because it offers not only the possibility to bet on matches, but also to watch live streams of them. In addition, this bookie has fast and simple payment methods, making it easy to deposit and withdraw.

    PNXbet mobile app
  2. Megapari

    This app is still relatively new but has different reasons why bettors should use it. Players have numerous payment options to choose from. Furthermore, it is one of the industry’s fastest operating betting apps.

    Megapari mobile app
  3. 1xBet

    This is one of the most popular NBA betting apps among Filipino bettors. The reason isn’t far-fetched: players can access many options, including live betting features equipped with useful tools. The app also offers a personalised feed.

    1xBet mobile app
  4. 22Bet

    Bettors, new or experienced, are sure to enjoy NBA betting tips and picks on this app. Plus, it provides pages with updated information on NBA teams both before and during matches.

    22Bet mobile app
  5. GGBet

    The GGBet mobile app grants easy access to hundreds of betting markets and fast transactions too. In addition, users can contact customer support 24/7 via this app. The support system works seamlessly, making it one of the most reliable platforms.

    GGBet mobile app

Betting Tips & Strategies for NBA betting online

When you join an online NBA betting website, it’s important to know how to place your bets so you don’t just spend money. Of course, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a victory, but we can reduce the chances of defeat.

nba betting strategies and tips

So, here are some tips and strategies for you to enjoy and increase your chances with NBA bookmakers.

  1. Don’t bet on every game

    The NBA is a competition that, during the regular season, plays multiple games almost daily. As a result, there is a huge diversity of matches on NBA betting sites Philippines and this leads to the bettor wanting to place a bet for each match. However, this is not recommended. Always choose the best option on the matchday, analysing the event probability and seeing if the offered odds are worth it. That way, you increase your chances of profit with the basketball bookmakers.

  2. Place your bets early

    To gain an edge when betting on NBA, place your bets as soon as the markets are released in the morning. Betting early allows you to build upon mistakes on the initial lines that odds-makers feature.

  3. Home games

    As in many sports, the home factor is very important in the NBA for certain teams. They seem to gain extra strength when playing in front of their fans. So always pay attention to this factor, since a team that is not the favorite to bring in basketball betting returns can end up winning because they are playing in their arena.

  4. Take advantage of promotions

    One way to increase your profit when betting on basketball is certainly to take advantage of the bonuses offered. I’m not just talking about the welcome bonus, but other promos like free bets and NBA game perks. Always keep an eye on the offers that basketball betting websites are offering and use them to increase your profit.

  5. Be careful of your favourites

    Your favourite team may not always win. While it’s good to hope as a fan, it’s not a great strategy as a bettor. Ensure that your decision to bet on a team isn’t because you’re following your heart but because you’re sure of your strategy.

Most Popular NBA Betting Markets

With lots of rules. NBA can be a complex league sometimes. As a result, there are many NBA betting markets. Here, let’s discover some of the most common and sought-after markets. If you’re new to NBA online betting, then you’re lucky as you can find all the essential information below.


Betting on totals means that you predict the total points scored in a match by both teams. Bookmakers set a certain number, then players place bets under or over based on that number. We recommend checking the teams’ score potentials by examining the previous matches.


This is one of the most simple markets featured on NBA betting websites. You just need to bet on the team you think will win the match. So we highly recommend this market for beginners as you don’t need to have gained deep knowledge.

Points Spread Bets

The point spreads betting market typically begins from evens to 17 points for every game played. You should never forget that point spreads are based on a team’s strengths and recent statistics.

Game Props and NBA Features

This betting option is great for those who understand the game and are familiar with player stats. NBA game props and features can give you good returns on a wager. Get more knowledge of the game and you can bet on who will get the sixth man award.

Half/Quarter Betting

A very simple, yet increasingly common market in the NBA is the Half/quarter betting. All you have to do is to pick a side to win a specific quarter or half in a league game. This one will suit you especially if you're a live bet enthusiast, as you have a better notion overall of key factors such as momentum and injuries going on.

Online basketball betting: NBA vs. PBA

Although it's true that basketball is the link between the NBA and the PBA, we can say that there are a few differences in terms of the way the game is played in each league. These differences may be translated into equally different betting stances we might have to adopt in order to succeed when laying our wagers in both leagues.

Let's see how different the game style can be in each league, and how it may change our betting approach according to different situations:


It's clear that we're talking about a very talented-centered league, and thus, there's a higher unpredictability that comes to action here, as there's no guarantee that starlets will always shine or have an inspired game. With that in mind, you'll preferably go with in-play bets in the following markets in order to succeed when punting on PBA games:

  • Moneyline
  • Half/quarter betting


The scenario is slightly different when it comes to this blockbuster Basketball league. Although talent also plays a huge role here, team effort is much more valued, as well as off-ball tactics providing, thus, a better overall roster rotation than in comparison with the PBA. So the betting markets that are likely to favor you are, indeed, somewhat different than the ones we listed for the PBA.

  • Totals
  • Points Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Half/quarter betting

NBA Live Betting

nba live betting

Who wouldn’t like that live-action thrill of betting on your favourite teams while they’re down by three points? That’s one of the main reasons NBA bettors love it, not forgetting the odds and lines changing during the game.

Bettors get to exploit better value via the NBA live game lines. Feel free to go through our recommended NBA betting websites if you’re excited about live betting.

Our recommended TOP-5 websites for Online Betting NBA

Due to the popularity of this basketball league, bettors can find countless platforms for online betting NBA. To make it much easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best NBA betting sites operating in the Philippines.

  1. MELbet

    Players sometimes get cold feet after placing bets on NBA matches. They don’t want to wait for all the events to end before getting their profits. Players in that category can use the bet slip sale feature at MELbet to instantly get back a portion of the placed bets.

    MELbet promo page
  2. 1xBet

    This bookmaker is one of the most popular NBA betting sites across the globe. Fortunately, bettors from the Philippines need not worry. The platform operates in the country and offers quality features, including a top-notch customer support service.

    1xBet promo page
  3. 22Bet

    Looking for a bookmaker where betting is simple and the interface is easy to use? 22Bet offers this and provides quick withdrawal options with 24/7 support to Filipino players. This is why many consider it the best NBA betting site Philippines located.

    22Bet promo page
  4. GGBet

    At GGBet, all NBA fans are in for a treat. The bookmaker offers different odds markers for players to choose from, including decimal, US, Hong Kong, Indo, and Malay-style odds. Furthermore, the platform regularly features generous bonuses.

    GGBet promo page
  5. Betonline

    It’s not every day you see sportsbook options and casino games all on one site. The layout is eye-catching. Also, the platform has several fast payout options for Filipino users, making it one of the top NBA online betting Philippines sites.

    Betonline promo page

Top 3 New NBA Betting Site Philippines Options

Our top recommendations have been listed above, but if you’re looking to explore a new NBA betting site or have your eyes out for bonuses, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Pnxbet

    Despite being new in the market, Pnxbet has quickly become a betting site NBA fans in the Philippines prefer to a large extent. The bookmaker features a user-friendly layout with an excellent live betting section.

    new bookmaker Pnxbet home page
  2. 22Bet

    This bookmaker has a Curacao eGaming license, which alone guarantees the safety of your personal information. Moreover, there are several tournaments to bet on, including the most popular NBA events with competitive odds.

    new bookmaker 22Bet home page
  3. Megapari

    Megapari is also a brand new bookmaker that has recently attracted bettors. The platform has appealing bonuses along with a promising VIP program. The website also offers a well-developed interface with quick links.

    new bookmaker Megapari home page

Always Check Bookmakers for the Best NBA Odds

Odds refer to the ratio of winnings for each stake and the possibility of getting your wager returned. In other words, it helps you to determine how much profit you get to make when you bet on a game.

If you’re looking for great odds on which teams or players would win their matches, go through our rankings to get the best NBA odds.

Bookmaker Margin for the Top NBA Events

NBA Euroleague Liga ACB BBL WNBA
1xbet 10.26 4.85 7.62 5.65 11.83
GGbet 3.67 4.27 8.98 6.00
Megapari 10.26 4.85 7.62 5.65 11.83


? Is it possible to bet on the playoffs of the NBA?

Of course. Sports betting NBA playoffs is as popular ‒ if not more ‒ than regular season betting.

? Are there any NBA betting promotions?

Some basketball betting sites do offer specific bonuses for betting made in the NBA. Be sure to go to the bookie’s promos page to see what offers are available.

? Besides the NBA, is it possible to bet on other basketball competitions?

In the best betting sites for basketball, you can find not only the NBA but also competitions from several other countries. PBA, for example, is available with many of these bookies.

? Is it possible to watch live streams of NBA matches at bookmakers?

In some of them, yes. You have to see which bookies actually have live streams. A good example of an NBA bookmaker that has live streaming is Bet365.

? What is the most popular market to bet with the NBA?

Certainly the market that decides the winner of the match. But betting on the number of points in a game is also quite popular.

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