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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world - it stands really close with football, cricket, MMA, and tennis. And if at this point you are looking for a helpful article to get yourself acquainted with online betting NBA Philippines, you have come to the right place.

Full list of NBA betting sites

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Online basketball betting  – The ultimate guide


best nba betting sites

We have prepared this ultimate guide devoted to online basketball betting and NBA online betting Philippines in particular. You’ll discover some historical facts about this sport, interesting observations, helpful tips & strategies, the best types of bets, and the most awesome NBA betting sites Philippines to choose from. If this is exactly what you need right now, keep reading then - we got all the main sections covered here.

A brief history of basketball betting

nba history of betting

NBA, also commonly known by its full name The National Basketball Association, is a professional basketball league that originated in North America. The league includes 30 teams 29 of which are in the United States and 1 team is in Canada. The NBA is one of the largest and most well-known professional sports tournaments in the US and Canada as well as in the rest of the world, including the Philippines. The league was established in New York on 06/06/1946 as BBA (the Basketball Association of America). But on 03/08/1949, after merging with NBL (The National Basketball League), the tournament’s name was changed to NBA.

Interesting facts:

  1. Each team plays a total of 82 games every season.
  2. NBA players are the most-paid sportsmen by the average annual salary of each player.
  3. The Golden State Warriors team is the most recent winner.
  4. Betting on NBA brings many betting options, including custom arrangements.

The NBA league has the unquestionable status of the biggest basketball league in the world. And as the popularity of basketball as a sport in general continues to grow, so does the popularity of online betting NBA. Interestingly, an average punter can place wagers on a total of 1230 NBA games during each regular season. So, if you are looking forward to betting on them, you are more than welcome to do so.

What you need to know about NBA online betting
🏛️ First Introduced Basketball in general - 1891
NBA - 06/06/1946
🏢 Overseeing Organisations The International Basketball Federation
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
Popular in The United States, Philippines, Australia, Canada
🌎 World Championship NBA, FIBA World Championship, Stankovic Intercontinental Basketball Champions Cup, Olympic Basketball Tournament
🏅 Olympic Discipline Yes

How to bet on basketball online on a betting site NBA?

This is what you need to do if you want to place a bet on an NBA betting site Philippines.

  1. Check our bookmaker list

    To select a reliable and trustworthy NBA betting site, it makes sense to check out our bookmaker list - all presented websites are legal and regulated.

  2. Register to your chosen bookmaker

    When you finally make up your mind and select the most suitable betting site NBA, it is time to pass registration and become a full-fledged punter.

  3. Deposit funds

    Before joining the NBA betting online area, it will be necessary for you to deposit some funds with which you can later place bets.

  4. Place your bets

    Now, you can go to the selection of sports events, choose the one you like, pick a wager’s value, and finally place your NBA online bet.

  5. Get your winnings!

    Now, you can get your prizes if you win any. Whether you use an NBA betting app Philippines or stick to desktop websites, you can grab your winnings and withdraw money.

Top 3 mobile NBA betting app platforms

Check out these 3 cool mobile apps for betting on NBA matches! We are going to focus on their usability, main features, and compatible devices.

  1. NBA Betting app - 22Bet

    22Bet is an Eastern European online betting NBA site founded in 2017 that offers its mobile apps for Android, IOS, and Windows tablets and phones. You won’t miss out on anything if you choose a mobile version of 22Bet instead of a computer version - you’ll get access to flawlessly working applications, various payment methods, advanced in-play scoreboards, and live streaming tools.

    NBA Betting app - 22Bet
  2. NBA Betting app - 1xBet

    1xBet is the second NBA betting app Philippines we are going to talk about in this article. This sportsbook offers excellent mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phones & tablets - they are extremely easy to use, have convenient interfaces, and feature top-quality performance. You can deposit funds, perform fast withdrawals, and enjoy all the perks of the 1xBet NBA betting app.

    NBA Betting app - 1xBet
  3. NBA Betting app - GGbet

    With the GGbet NBA betting app Philippines, you can also place an NBA online bet - there are mobile applications for Windows and iOS tablets and smartphones. The mission of those apps is to come up with a convenient and intuitive platform where players can easily place bets on their favorite NBA teams. The coolest thing is that this NBA betting app works well even at low Internet speed.

    NBA Betting app - GGbet

Useful tips and strategies for NBA online betting Philippines

nba betting strategies and tips

If you can’t wait to get useful tips and strategies that can help you on your way to making successful basketball betting online wagers, we are here to help. Go ahead and take some words of advice from us.

  1. Check (And Double Check) The Starting Lineup

    A basketball starting lineup, also commonly known as the starting five, is a group of 5 players that are sent onto the court by a coach to start a game. So, pay attention to which 5 players are coming out first.

  2. Don’t Overestimate The Home Court Advantage

    When a team has the home-court advantage, it really affects players in a psychological way since the home team tends to get more support from their fans. So, think twice before placing an NBA bet online.

  3. Forget Your Favorite Team

    When getting engaged in NBA online betting Philippines, you have to stop being biased if you are. Favorite teams are not always the ones likely to win.

  4. Keep Your Eye On The Important Stats

    Always pay attention to the important stats. For example, you can take a closer look at a few past matches of the competing teams and take into consideration how they performed.

  5. Watch For Big Line Moves

    Line movements refer to shifts in terms of odds or point spreads of particular matches before they are played but you need to watch for the big shifts on the chosen betting sites and NBA betting app.

  6. Bet Against The Spread On Losing Streaks

    Last but least, we also want to include this tip - you may want to try out betting against the spread on losing streaks. This may be pretty helpful during basketball online betting too.

Best types of bets for NBA betting Philippines

There are numerous types of bets you can place on an NBA betting site. But here are the four most popular betting types that are commonly chosen by punters in the Philippines.

Moneyline Bets

The first type of bet for NBA online betting we want to talk about is a moneyline wager. This is pretty straightforward - all you have to do is select a winning side or a draw.

Spread Bets

Spread betting requires betting on a basketball team to either win by a particular point number or to lose by less than a particular point number.

Totals Bets

Another very popular type of bet is a total bet - you have to combine points scored by each team and simply place a wager on the total number of points of the game.

Futures Bets

Futures NBA bet online is a bet on a match or a series of events that will finish later in the future, not now. Compared to wagering on the results of a single game, it is different.

NBA Live betting

nba live betting

If you are wondering if you can somehow get an opportunity to get engaged in live basketball online betting, the answer is yes. There are pros and cons of betting on live events. Among the advantages, we should point out how great it helps you hone your analyzing skills since you have to watch the game thoroughly in order to make up your mind and finally place a wager. Besides, sometimes live NBA online betting events bring better profits. But this may also be risky and stressful for players who do not like making fast decisions and they want to think of everything in advance. So, you should decide for yourself which online NBA betting Philippines option is best for you.

Our recommended TOP-5 websites for NBA betting online

We have created the top 5 recommended sites for NBA betting Philippines for you. There is everything you need to know about each platform, including the license info, payment systems, years of establishments, an array of events available, the main features, and even more.

  1. 1 # Website for NBA bets - BetVisa

    BetVisa is an awesome betting site NBA to check out! It was established in 2020 under the Government of Curacao license. With this NBA online betting platform, you can enjoy both computer & mobile betting, multiple bonuses and promotions, 4 different ways to get customer support, and choose from a variety of payment options for basketball betting online, including cards, electronic systems, and crypto methods.

    1 # Website for NBA bets - BetVisa
  2. 2 # Website for NBA bets - IVIBet

    Ivibet is a newly founded sportsbook operated by the TechOptions Group B.V. company. The bookie was established in 2022 under a license from the Curacao Gaming Authority. With the IVIBet basketball betting site, you can enjoy high-winning limits, both full and partial cash out, a live streaming tool, and numerous payment options, including e-wallets, bank cards, and even crypto methods.

    2 # Website for NBA bets - IVIBet
  3. 3 # Website for NBA bets - TrustDice

    TrustDice is one more reliable and decent site for NBA betting Philippines. It was established in 2018 being regulated by the Government of Curacao and operating under a Curacao license. This NBA sportsbook offers an excellent experience for those punters who want to place wagers on a wide array of basketball matches as well as on many other sports, from football to tennis.

    3 # Website for NBA bets - TrustDice
  4. 4 # Website for NBA bets - PNXBet

    The last platform for NBA betting Philippines we are going to mention is PNXBet. It was founded in 2019 with a Curacao license and Eastern European roots. The main offices are located in Armenia - to be exact, in the city of Yerevan. Overall, there are 50 sports to bet on, including basketball. You’ll be able to place wagers on NBA with high odds and an opportunity to choose from a variety of payment methods, from Visa and Mastercard to Bitcoin and Bank Wire transfers.

    4 # Website for NBA bets - PNXBet
  5. 5 # Website for NBA bets - GGbet is a sportsbook owned by MaxEnt Limited, a company licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. This bookmaker was established in 2016 and it managed to become extremely popular among players from the Philippines. Even though it offers a decent range of basketball betting matches, you can also bet on over 20 other sports too. GGbet makes it available for you to deposit and withdraw with different payment options such as crypto, cards, and electronic wallets.

    5 # Website for NBA bets - GGbet

Top 3 leagues to bet on Basketball on an NBA betting site

Let’s also talk about the top-3 leagues on which you can bet on online basketball betting sites. We will include information about their foundation dates, owners, and main features.

Top 2 Biggest NBA betting sites

Here are the top-2 largest online betting NBA Philippines platforms you can use if you want to place bets on NBA matches.

  1. #1 Biggest NBA betting site – 1xbet

    1xBet is a sportsbook founded in 2007 in Cyprus - it has more than 10 years of experience in providing top-quality betting services to punters from all over the world, including players from the Philippines. Not only can you enjoy the site with your computer but there are also excellent apps for Android, IOS, and Windows smartphones and tablets. With 1xBet, you can go for NBA betting online while also taking pleasure in high odds, fast withdrawals, and a variety of payment options.

    #1 Biggest NBA betting site – 1xbet
  2. #2 Biggest NBA betting site – 22Bet

    22Bet is one of the largest and most successful Eastern European sportsbooks with the main headquarters in Cyprus. This platform was founded in 2017 under the management of the TechSolutions Group N.V. company. 22Bet obtains a Curacao license and opens its doors to customers from 100+ countries, including the Philippines. Besides, there are also apps for Android, IOS, and Windows gadgets.

    #2 Biggest NBA betting site – 22Bet

Always check bookmakers for the best NBA odds

When you choose an NBA betting site Philippines, don’t neglect the part where you should check the odds for the selected events. This is really important because higher ones may increase your chances of winning better prizes. So, go ahead and check out our ranking for the best online basketball betting odds.

Bookmaker margin for the top NBA leagues

Bookmaker Margin for the Top NBA Events
Bookmaker NBA Euroleague Liga ACB BBL WNBA
10.26% 3.67% 7.62% 5.65% 11.83%
3.67% 4.27% 8.98% 6.00%
10.26% 4.85% 7.62% 5.65% 11.83%



When Was Basketball Established?

Basketball was established as a sport in 1891.

What are the Most Popular Basketball Tournaments?

NBA, FIBA World Championship, Stankovic Intercontinental Basketball Champions Cup, and the Olympic Basketball Tournament.

Can I Bet on NBA Events With My Smartphone?

Absolutely! You can use 22Bet, 1xBet, GGbet, or any other convenient mobile app you like.

Is It Possible to Bet on Live NBA Matches?

Sure, you can place both live and pre-match wagers on NBA events.

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