Basketball Betting in the Philippines

Who wouldn’t love a good basketball game? Basketball has been around for quite sometimes and there are many diehard fans of basketball even in Philippines now. As much as sport is here, so it betting related to the sports is happening. Sports’ betting is legal in Philippines now and the country has earned around $5.6 billion in the year 2018.

Basketball is wildly popular in the country and it helps the country with revenue as well. Online betting is popular in the Philippines and the country has also introduced laws for people. We are going to learn more about online betting in this article along with following themes.

  • List Of Basketball Bookmakers in the Philippines
  • History of Basketball Sports BettingFAQ’s About Basketball Betting
  • Best Basketball Sportsbooks For Mobile Betting
  • Top 5 Basketball Bookies With Fastest Payouts
  • Basketball Sports Betting Tips & Strategies
  • Recommended Payment Methods At Basketball Sportsbooks

List Of Basketball Bookmakers

Found 8 bookmakers

History of Basketball Sports Betting

Basketball in the Philippines has been played on both professional and amateur levels and Philippines have its own national basketball team as well. Where there are sports, there will also be gambling about these sports and same happens in the case of basketball betting.

Basketball betting actually introduced in Philippines during the American occupation of Philippines in 1910. Basketball was a sport which was taught by American teachers and local YMCA and in most public schools and it gained instant game and became most popular among youth.

The first men’s team of Philippines was also formed in 1910s and they participated in Eastern Championship Games regularly and won the first 9 edition and lost 1921 edition to China.


  1. Philippines is considered the ‘bright spot’ in region for online gambling.
  2. The winnings in casinos in Philippines are not taxable.
  3. Gambling in Philippines gather much revenue for the country.
  4. From the humblest barrios to the most affluent villages, Filipinos are into gambling.

Basketball betting in the Philippines is on the rise and residents can bet with domestic or even foreign means i.e. you can do this through legal offshore online Philippine sportsbooks. Filipinos have their own laws for betting and they know that they can legally gamble on basketball using many online platforms.

These gambling laws by Philippines only allow wagering or betting through authorized means and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Cooperation or PAGCOR has complete control over domestic sports betting.

There are many betting locations found across the country and Metro Manila is considered to have the largest concentration of brick-and-mortar betting outlets. Residents of the country can also wager through licensed offshore sportsbooks. It is another easiest way to do betting because the country does not have any law against using these sites for betting.

Offshore books are also convenient because no domestic Filipino operators are allowed to take online bets from the residents.


? Is it legally authorized to gamble on basketball online in the Philippines?

Yes, it is allowed for Filipinos to bet online on basketball using licensed platforms as well as offshore platforms which are authorized only and also reported to be safe and secure by the country’s

? Is there any best gambling site in the Philippines?

There are a few sites which can be used by Filipinos for betting and it is a rather hard to pick only one gambling site and most of them provide the best services to their respective clients.

? Why is mobile betting all the rage in the Philippines?

Mobile betting is also known as playing on the go is important for bookies because it has become
immensely popular among punters and can be accessed from almost everywhere. Moreover, it also
provides the best possible opportunities to the players.

? Can foreign gambling sites be used by Filipinos?

Residents of the Philippines can easily use foreign gambling sites by signing up by using a VPN. This is important and amazing because many of the best sites are based in Europe.

? How long does it take to withdraw from Filipino gambling sites?

Every site has its own method and it depends which site you are using. E-wallets are mostly the fastest and convenient way to get withdrawals while bank transfers or credit cards mostly take 1 to 3 days.

Basketball Sports Betting Tips & Strategies

Betting on Philippines basketball is quite common now and almost everyone is participating and enjoying it. These strategies must not be considered as a winning guide rather a guide to develop your complete betting strategy. These tips are included as a part of the strategy and not the whole strategy.


Those tips and strategies are as follows:

  • You need to pay attention to how a team makes most of their points and then look at their consistency.
  • Also look for the team’s schedule and see if the team has been playing games for quite a long time then they are most likely fatigued and you can bet against it.
  • Team playing at home has strong desire of performing well and impress the crowd at home you can use it to your benefit.
  • Always check for injury reports in a team.
  1. 1
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  4. 4
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  5. 5
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Top 5 Basketball Bookies With Fastest Payouts

Once you have won in betting on basketball on any other sports for that matter, it becomes hard to wait for you winnings. It is unfortunate that finding sportsbooks that actually pay you right there and then, keeping the withdrawal time minimum has become a hard task.

We are here to help you in this regard as we have made a list of the bookies which have the fastest payout times and their payout time is also verified. The payout time varies according to the payment method used like bank wire, check or Bitcoin takes different times for withdrawal.

We have brought you a list of the sites with fastest payout time so you can choose the best one. These are also considered the best betting sites for basketball.

5. Bovada
4. BetOnline
2. MyBookie
1. GTBets


Deposit $30, bet $60

Founded in 2000, it is another well reputed bookie thanks to being different from most other bookies. This particular bookmaker actually allows you to sell or trade your bets- turning the table and letting YOU be the bookmaker which is a cool feature. This is very similar to a stock exchange and can be considered as one. Cashing out and live streams are also available on Betfair giving it some more pros rather than cons.

Best Basketball Sportsbooks in the Philippines For Mobile Betting

With the advancement in technology, everything is shifting from manual to digital. Our whole world has been digitalized in just a very small amount of time and similarly, betting has also been digitized. Many online bookies in the Philippines are offering much more through mobile betting which allows the bettors to do it using their mobile devices.

Some of these sportsbooks often give punters special bonuses and promotions which make them take care of their banking problems. Moreover, GPS technology used in these apps makes sure that their wagers are placed in real-time. Live betting can also be done using mobile devices and live betting is highly popular these days.

Online betting on basketball in the Philippines makes it easier for you to deposit and withdraw using your phone and the fast loading site makes it great to do online betting. Here are our best picks for basketball sportsbooks and best basketball betting sites in the Philippines for mobile betting.

1. 22BET
2. BODOG88
3. Betway
4. Spin Palace Sports
5. GTBets
6. Intertops


100% UP TO $122 (~6028 PHP)

22BET is famous not just because of the diverse range of games it offers but because of the extraordinary payout proportion of 97.8%, its inventive stage, and the application for every single cell phone, all done professionally. They have an easily accessed platform exclusively on their live gambling section and several profitable elevations. An important factor about 22BET is that the site is available in 51 languages, offering all the essential odds, decimal, American, Malay, and fractional, ideally suited for the Philippine players.

Recommended Payment Methods At Basketball Sportsbooks

Casinos and bookies who are licensed from the government offer a number of secure methods for making deposits as well as withdrawals. These methods also accept a huge number of international currencies like British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollars (AUD), Euro (EUR) and US dollars (USD). Most common methods of banking options for transactions include the following.

  • It is the most common way of withdrawals and deposits.

  • It is the simplest way to make the deposit or withdrawal of your winnings.

  • It is also a popular way to deposit or withdrawals from gambling sites.


Best Free Bets & offers in Philippines hungary

  • Melbet

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  • 22bet

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  • 1xbet

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  • BetOnline

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  • GGbet

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