How We Rate and Rank Philippine Bookmakers?

Evelyn Balyton

Evelyn Balyton

The Internet gives you access to a wide range of bookmaker reviews and ratings. But how many of them are credible? How many are genuine expert opinions on the Philippines’ betting industry? For one thing, choosing the right bookmaker can influence your betting experience and potential winnings. You don't want your selection to be based on information gathered by an online copywriter with no real betting experience.

This article provides an extensive analysis of the essential aspects of a quality bookie. Here at MightyTips, we break the analysis into easily understandable portions and then wrap it up with a conclusion. So, here are the vital features of a bookmaker’s platform that we look out for, and so should you.

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Odds: When it comes to odds, we select a particular number of random games from different sports. The selection is made as diverse as possible by taking from all league classes. We choose 20 or more games to capture as many sports betting aspects as possible then, to make comparisons, we determine the average market odds and the average bookmaker’s margin. If a bookmaker has odds lower than offered by competitors on average, they get a 5–6 rating out of 10. On the other hand, if the bookie generally offers higher odds with a greater betting margin, then we give a rating of 9–10.

Usability: This aspect of a bookmaker’s website represents just how effortless it is for visitors to find their way around the site. An average bookmaker’s homepage displays a daunting amount of figures and numbers. The key to usability is how they combine these details with more user-friendly features. Users should be able to navigate through the website quickly, intuitively, and without difficulty.

If a visitor ends up spending up to three minutes searching for a particular feature or a specific match, then we will rate it poorly. Plus, we also consider the loading speed and front-end design to develop our ratings. Does the website have a good color scheme, or does it have a neutral theme? These are some of the other parameters that inform our usability ratings.

Mobile use: Most bookmakers have both desktop and mobile versions. Because they are the most popular among bettors today, we rate the mobile version. We also test the website on different operating systems like Android and iOS, making use of common web browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

Bonuses and promotions: Some of the most significant and exciting aspects of our bookmaker ratings are the bonuses and promotions. A quality bookmaker should offer visitors enticing first-deposit bonuses, which should also become a regular feature. Consequently, if a bookie provides visitors with this value then we give a rating of about 7–10.

Plus, another important consideration that determines where the bookie stands is the wagering requirement. Some bookmakers offer very stringent wagers that don’t allow bettors to cash out with ease. So, bookmakers with wagers for bonuses that make it easy to cashout get the highest ratings. If a bookie has an incredible amount of bonuses but a wager of about 50x, then the bookmaker will still get a low rating from us – maybe a 7.

Types of bets: Variety should be the spice of a great sports betting site. Every day, sports markets feature a vast number of fixtures and possible predictions from different parts of the world. Some bookmakers, however, only focus on the major leagues as they have realized the minor leagues are much easier to predict. Bookmakers that strip bettors of this advantage will get lower ratings from our evaluations. On the other hand, bookies that offer varieties like eSports, betting on elections, etc., will get a higher rating.

Trustworthiness: This issue is always a concern for online platforms involving money transactions, especially here in the Philippines. Despite the numerous legislations and regulations in place to flush away the quack bookmakers, some still exist, doing all they can to cheat their customers. Their cheating techniques take the form of:

  • Account bans
  • Undue delay of cashout
  • Compromising won bets

There are other techniques that you should also be on the lookout for. Making the most of a network of real-life bettors, we use their experiences to ascertain the trustworthiness of each bookmaker. Our advice is to avoid bookmakers with a trustworthiness level of between 1 and 6, which would also help the rest of the industry.

As a punter, look out for bookmakers’ licenses and make sure they’re verifiable. Most credible bookmakers display these documents on their website, with regulatory bodies and organizations helping to provide checks and balances. This way, they cannot just get away with anything; their conduct must be by the books. In addition, all bookmakers should employ efficient encryption protocols like SSL.

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Withdrawal speed: The faster bettors can cash out from their account, the higher the rating. Some bookmakers make bettors wait several days before cashout. This is one of the most off-putting elements of mediocre bookies.

Customer service: A credible bookmaker should quickly provide solutions to the problems that visitors encounter on their platforms. Support mediums can come through live chat, email, or phone calls. If a bookmaker offers all these support channels and can resolve bettors’ difficulties without wasting time, they get high ratings.

Our evaluation also depends on how clearly and effectively they communicate with bettors. Bookmakers have their advantages and disadvantages, but the good ones should have decent combinations of features that include a great customer care unit.

The Philippines betting industry is thriving at a swift pace, so we hate to see this promising industry suffering setbacks as a result of some quack bookmakers. We also pursue the objective of providing credible and expert reviews on the market’s best bookmakers. Hopefully, you’ll save yourself the headache of associating with the wrong bookmakers or following reviews from non-credible sources. And if you can’t fnd a bookmaker on our website, feel free to contact us and we’ll carry out a manual review.